Enjoy Decluttering Success In 3 Easy Steps

If you are keen to move forward into the holiday season with a clean, spacious and tidy home, the chances are that you may need to embark on a decluttering mission. A decluttered home means a decluttered mind. The effect on our mental health can be immensely positive when we choose to let go of some of the materialistic junk that has begun to clog up our homes. Take a look around you. Do you have knick-knacks that you can’t even remember acquiring on your shelves? Do you feel claustrophobic with the amount of clutter around you? You can enjoy a spacious humble abode once again. Take a look at how you can enjoy decluttering success in three simple steps.

Start Small

When you try to clean your home, you should begin in the smallest room in the house. Start your decluttering mission in the study or box room. Here, you can practice your decluttering skills. Begin by making three piles of stuff. One pile should be for landfill, the second should be for donating, and the third should be for selling. If you haven’t used an item in over twelve months, you can get rid of it. Those sentimental items that you don’t want to get rid of can be stored in your attic space, away from your living space. By starting small, you will be motivated to continue as you see your floor space and desk top for the first time in years. The spacious home that you once knew will reappear.

Sell Up

Every object that you don’t want can find it’s price on an online auction site. If you are keen to make some extra cash from your ‘stuff’, you need to consider listing your items on eBay. Start the auction low and see how your item fairs. Old toys, kids’ clothes, collectibles, and books are popular and will always find a buyer. Ensure that you list with accurate descriptions, point out any flaws, and show off your items from all different angles using your photograph allowance. By selling some of your unwanted items, you can think about hiring a junk removal company to deal with the more complex rooms of your house. The garage is ripe for becoming a dumping ground, so getting in the specialists could be a great idea if you want space quickly.

Don’t Give Up

It can be challenging when decluttering as you need to dedicate some chunks of time to your mission. Doing an hour here and there will create more mess in your home before you see your walls, floors and natural light once again. Try and dedicate days at a time. This way, you will remain motivated and focused as you see progress being made. Before you begin, go room by room, and list them in priority of need. The chances are that you want your living room cleared before your conservatory needs to be tackled. Don’t fall into the trap of starting another room before finishing the previous. This can create an even more cluttered and chaotic home! Be patient and work methodically. 

Follow this guide and you can enjoy decluttering success and a spacious and bright home once again.

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