4 Homely Reasons Your New Property Should Be Unfurnished

Buying a new property involves lots of questions. Do you move out of state? Do you go for transport links? Should you consider the resale value? With everything involved, the debate about a furnished versus unfurnished house might not land on your radar. You don’t care as long as you get your dream home.

Of course, part of what makes a property special is the interior, and furniture plays a significant role as it turns a house into a home. Therefore, it is something you should focus on. These are the reasons unfurnished is better than furnished.

Yours Vs. Theirs

The last person to own the property had a style. It was nice, but it isn’t something you envision when you live there permanently. Unfortunately, when the former proprietor throws in furniture, it’s almost impossible to stamp your authority on the house. An unfurnished space is a blank canvas you can play with until the result matches the images in your head. Yes, it’s more effort and energy, yet you’ll never feel comfortable if you don’t invest in the interiors. Anyway, once it’s done, you’ll only have to make tweaks rather than big renovations.


Furniture is one less thing for you to worry about. For instance, there’s no reason to fret about buying the pieces and moving them to a different location. Well, there isn’t anyway because the likes of North American Van Lines ensure the process is accessible. It doesn’t matter whether the destination is in the state, out of state, or overseas – moving companies can get it to you if you’re organized. Retailers are pretty good at providing comprehensive shipping services, too, so you’ve got lots of options. And, considering the impact your own furniture will have, it’s no bother.


The fees involved in buying a piece of real estate will always affect your decision. Most people think a furnished property is cheaper because it comes equipped with a sofa and white appliances; however, this isn’t always the case. Sellers and realtors won’t pass up the opportunity to increase the listing value since nothing comes for free in this world. As a result, it’s pretty tough to tell how much you’re paying for used furniture you might not love. At least when you furnish a home, you control the budget. Also, with the help of Facebook Marketplace and eBay, it’s easier than ever to stick to a budget!

You Can Move Straight In

Don’t listen to people who say you won’t be able to move in without furniture. To begin with, it’s your property, so you can move in when you want. Secondly, if you’re prepared, you’ll have everything in the moving van. Once it’s unpacked, you won’t lack for anything. Thirdly, it’s not as if waiting a couple of weeks for a sofa is a big deal. Compared to the cost of the mortgage, it’s better to utilize deck chairs than waste money! Unfurnished homes are move-in ready, too, as long as you’re on the ball.

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