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Fascinating Facts About Water

Water is something that keeps our body plumbing in good condition. Drink 6 to 8 glasses, and you are done. But even in non-mainstream activities, like feng shui and energy therapy, water plays a significant role.

In reality, the world and our very bodies are composed of 75% water, and it is one of the most potent elements in the world. From the mystical to the geometric to the downright healthy, we explore five interesting takes on water and how it can change lives.

The Philosophy of Water

Topping the bill for approaches that put water in a pedestal is a recent modern Ted talk about the philosophy of water. As far back as the time of Tao Te Ching, water was as a source of personal virtue. Ted speaker Raymond Tang praises water as a metaphor of humility, harmony, and openness, and humanity can take a lesson or two from it in this hectic world.

Improving Your Body’s Plumbing

In Bountiful, soft water can help in the digestive processes and keep your body hydrated to take on the most demanding of physical activities. Some health companies even swear by the power of ionized alkaline water to help balance excessive acid content. A more straightforward infusion of vitamin C includes putting in lemon and cucumber in a jug of iced water. But even in its simple, pristine form, water holds a lot of benefits, and a shortage of it can bring about severe diseases in the kidney and other parts of the body.

purebred three english cocker swimming in a swimming poolFractals and Snowflakes

Another fascinating study of water involves the perfect geometry of solidified water like snowflakes. The infinite fractal patterns showcase the perfected shape of Mother Nature in the tiniest of objects. Even chemists marvel at the stability of the water molecule and the way it assimilates different forms in various states. Mathematicians like Benoit Mandelbrot was one of the first few men who studied this fractal equation, and in fact, it is the origin of the programming concept called recursion.

Epsom Baths, Hot Baths, and Muscle Relaxants

There are a few things that a warm bath cannot cure. Water, when mixed with magnesium in a bathtub, makes for a good Epsom bath. But even without the luxury of a warm tub, you can have a simple hot shower to soften tight muscles. Physical therapists swear by heat therapy as a means of softening injured muscles. Breastfeeding mothers who need to increase their milk supply are advised to run their breasts against warm or almost hot water to help release the milk in the ducts and relax the muscle to produce more milk for their babies.

Swimming and Aquatic Workouts for the Lungs

On a more vigorous application, swimming and aquatic workouts strengthen the lungs and provide a total body workout. All you need is a pool or a nearby body of water to experience this thrill and calorie-burning activity.

Having access to fresh water is a thing often taken for granted, but it’s one of the wonders of nature that we humans cannot do without.

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