Features That Can Sell Your Home Faster

You may have chanced upon a good job and need a new home to reflect your status. Perhaps, you have an empty nest and wish to downsize. Irrespective of any reasons, selling your home quickly can help you get the needed funds to do whatever you want. Moreover, you can avoid housing market changes affecting your home’s price. Fortunately, certain features can make your residential property a favorite among homebuyers, including the following. 

1. Upgraded kitchen and baths 

Your kitchen and baths can leave a lasting impression in the minds of potential buyers. That being said, You risk delaying your home’s sale if these areas aren’t presentable. This makes it essential to upgrade your kitchen and baths. Research indicates that home sellers can regain approximately 77.6% of kitchen and 64% of bathroom renovation costs. A kitchen remodeling project is in order if it’s over 10-15 years and has outdated or impractical features. Likewise, you need to renovate your baths if it’s running low on space, infested with mildew, or have leaks and other significant damages. However, you can still make minor changes if these spaces are in good condition. For instance, you can consider repainting the walls, refinishing your cabinets, or adding a new backsplash. Consequently, replace bathroom wall tiles with fiberglass, acrylic panels, or paint. 

2. Multi-purpose garage

Home buyers appreciate homes with enough space, especially with a growing family. Moreover, it’s easier to accumulate excess stuff, making the need for storage space relevant. An Impulse Research survey indicated that approximately 80% of homebuyers factor in the garage before purchasing a home. Fortunately, you can leverage your garage as a selling point by turning it into a multi-purpose space. A multi-purpose garage does more than protect your car; it enhances your home’s space by providing ample storage. Likewise, you can turn it into a workspace for tasks requiring maximum concentration, increasing your productivity. Working with custom garage builders is essential to either build a new multi-purpose garage or modify your existing one. Consequently, invest in storage options like cabinetry, shelve boards, slat walls, etc. 

3. Exterior lighting 

Statistics indicate that exterior lighting is home buyers’ second most wanted outdoor feature, for good reasons. For starters, it reduces the number of hiding spots, making it difficult for burglars to invade your home. Moreover, you reduce the risk of sustaining injuries when there’s high visibility in your backyard, and lighting is the best way to achieve this. It also enhances your curb appeal and enhances your home value. Experts advise investing in accent, ambient, and task lighting to achieve the best results. Ambient lighting includes wall, post, and hanging lights, while task lighting comprises security and pathway lights. Likewise, accent lighting includes spotlights and landscape kits. Before buying your preferred lighting, take measurements of your outdoor space to choose the most suitable options. Consequently, invest in LED options since they are brighter, require less energy, and last longer. 

Selling your home faster has advantages worth considering. Hopefully, you’ll consider including these features to achieve the best results. 


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