Fed Up Of Feeling Like Your Garden Is Where The Wild Things Are?

Kids benefit from time spent outdoors in all kinds of ways, and gardens are a great way to bring those benefits home. Unfortunately, while you obviously want your children to get the most out of this space, you’re finding that your once stylish garden design is going over to the wild side, and that’s stopping you from enjoying it the way you once did. After all, stepping on plastic figures every time you fancy a drink outside isn’t exactly serene. Luckily there is a compromise, and it comes in the form of family-specific garden design ideas that could see your kids living their best lives while your haven gets back to its old peaceful self. Simply keep on reading to find out how. 

Let things grow

It may seem strange to take control of your garden again by letting things grow, but wildflower lawns are particularly stylish right now and provide a fantastic opportunity to bring a new sort of natural calm to a lawn that may otherwise look a little worse for wear. What’s more, your kids are guaranteed to benefit even further from the wildlife, flowers, and differences in the natural terrain that this unruly backyard go-to provides, keeping them entertained and most likely quiet as they try not to scare the latest bug sightings, while you sit back with a good book and a much-needed cup of coffee.

Find stylish ways to incorporate play

Many outdoor toys include bright colors and plastic designs that, while fun, make it pretty difficult to keep on top of a suave garden finish. Luckily, there is a better way, and it comes in taking the time to find stylish ways to incorporate play without compromising appearances. Something as simple as a few round paving stones across your lawn could work here, providing an all-important design element that can also facilitate games. Stylishly designed garden games like these personalized cornhole bags from Cornhole Worldwide or one of the many wooden Jenga sets, etc. now on the market can also look amazing on a patio or lawn, as well as providing endless hours of fun for everyone. All without a bright red slide in sight!

Make space for a playhouse

Making space for a playhouse is another fantastic way to ensure a kid-friendly yet neat outdoor space, and provides not only a storage area for all of those toys, but also a dedicated space where your kids can have fun while you relax. There are some amazing high-quality wooden playhouses on the market that provide both a functional finish and a fairytale feel, or you could build your own to ensure a design that fits with your outdoor theme overall. Either way, tucking an addition like this away in a corner can look great, and keep the wildness of outdoor play away from the more visible areas of an outdoor space that you’ve worked so hard to get right. 

These steps are all the solutions you need for an outdoor space that everyone can enjoy, wild things and all. 

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