3 Smart Home Devices For 2021

The percentage of smart homes in the US currently stands at 69%, as 83 million households invest in these gadgets. These smart home devices offer optimum security through the use of internet connectivity. Apart from their trendy nature, people use them because of their convenience. While you may be familiar with some gadgets, others are making leeway in the market. Therefore, please read further to find out more. 

Smart plugs – the ConnectSense Smart Outlet

Today, the world is enjoying bits and pieces of the futuristic world, as technology like home automation dominates the market. Home automation is propelled by the internet and the ability to control items remotely. It gives you the power to draw your window shades or turn off electric plugs you forgot about earlier. The ConnectSense smart outlet works well with small household appliances like lamps, coffee makers, and television. These tech-infused plugs primarily use smart technology to target electrical devices and control energy consumption. 

Additionally, they have an in-built mechanism that allows it to turn off electrical flow to your household appliance. Therefore, if you left home in a rush and inadvertently forgot to turn your smart plug off, it will do so on your behalf. The smart plugs work well with Android and iOS mobile apps and use Siri, and Alexa commands for control purposes. You can also use Google Assistant to operate it, depending on the brand.

Minut smart home monitoring

If you want to monitor your home without videos, then this is your best choice. It is a futuristic home sensor device that upholds occupants’ privacy in a specific dwelling. Even though the Minut smart home sensor hooks onto the internet, it does not store, collect or distribute your data to the manufacturing company or other intelligent devices in close range. Moreover, more households use this smart home sensor to monitor movements in their homes when they’re not around. It is even a better device for homeowners who use their property for short-term rentals, as people still get the best of security and privacy.

The Eufy video doorbell

The Eufy video doorbell differs from several other brands with its ability to give a full-length visual of guests at your door. Different types use profile video feeds to avoid spending on powerful camera lenses. With Eufy, however, the lens is sharper, has 16GB of video footage storage, and affordable subscription-free. This means you don’t have to sign up to any external service to ensure your video doorbell functions as it should. 

Even better, you avoid the continual cost associated with video doorbells from other brands. Moreover, this brand gives you varied options for controlling where and how your doorbell videos are stored. Other smart home devices trending in 2021 are the intelligent light bulb, the August smart lock pro, smart smoke detectors, etc. 

Indeed, some of these innovative technologies are expensive, but they are worth the value because of their functions. Therefore, you can include them in your home to boost its security and increase its value. 

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