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Fortune Favors the Bold: Interior Design Trends in 2019

A new year is fast approaching, and that means new interior design trends are taking shape. Designers, decorators, and artists are already making their predictions on what styles, materials, and looks will be in vogue in 2019.

Different industry professionals across various parts of the world no doubt have different tastes and experiences that may affect their trend forecasts for the coming year. Top designers from all over predict that bold design elements will be big in 2019.

Statement Walls and Ceilings

The announcement of the color of the year and the release of new color palettes never fails to excite design professionals and enthusiasts. Often, the colors awarded the honor drive the coming interior design trends.

It’s common to see the “in” colors used on walls. So, expect more accent walls and inspired takes on wallpaper and wall art installations. In fact, aside from immediately transforming a room, wallpapers are one of the more cost-efficient style options for designers, states Wallpaper Warehouse.

Accent walls break the monotony of seeing the same color (no matter how beautiful it is) on all four walls of a room. It draws the eye to a focal point. It can be as simple as painting one wall a different color from the rest of the room or using a bold wallpaper. Carpets can also be used as an eye-catching (and conversation-starting) statement wall hanging.

Don’t forget the ceilings when decorating a room. Statement ceilings have been around for centuries — think the Sistine Chapel, the Palace of Versailles, and the Grand Central Terminal. What used to be a sign of luxury and grandeur is now an easy and subtle way to add color, personality, and drama to a room.

Art Deco and Retro Styles

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Many designers expect Art Deco and Retro styles to make a comeback in 2019. Art Deco is characterized by bold prints, rich colors, and geometric shapes. It’s the combination of most of the styles and trends industry tastemakers predict will be in vogue next year.

For Art Deco-themed furniture, go with strong and streamlined shapes. Chrome, exotic wood, and mirrors are some defining Art Deco pieces. Retro furniture, on the other hand, ranges from 1970s–inspired rounded or curvy furniture to unique lighting fixtures and lampshades.

Patterns and Prints

Patterns evolve; they never go out of style, especially geometric ones. Something about its symmetrical harmony and seemingly controlled chaos appeals to a broad range of people.

There’s almost always a certain pattern or print that defines the current design trends. Aside from geometric designs, floral or organic patterns and tribal-inspired motifs are 2019’s go-to prints. You can incorporate bold patterns and prints through carpets, beddings, or wallpapers.

Walls and ceilings aren’t the only places you can use wallpapers on either. They’re also a great way to add a touch of floral, tribal, or geometric themes to your wooden or metal furniture.

Welcome the new year with a fresh and trending interior home design. Remember, these trends are flexible guides, not unbreakable rules, so add your own spin when decorating your home.

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