Four Effective Ways to Declutter Your Home

Getting on top of all the clutter in your home can be a tedious process, especially if it has accumulated over time. Although companies like 2nd Chances Ltd have made rubbish clearance easier and simpler, getting rid of all the clutter starts in you. Don’t you want an uncluttered space that is not only easy to clean but also makes a good impression on anyone who visits your home? So, here is how to declutter every room in your house the right way.

Pretend as if you are moving

Imagine yourself relocating and only bringing a few things with you. What would you bring along? You do not have to pack up. Just try to set aside a few things that you love and see how many remains. The chances are that most people will only have 20% of their original items at the end of the activity.

By looking closely at your things, you will be able to see which ones you really cannot live without. And those you can do away with, go on and toss them out. It is either you throw them, donate them or sell them at a garage sale.

Ditch the old shoes and clothes

Any unused clothes, worn-out or broken shoes only take up a part of your space. If it is broken beyond repair or worn out, or you have never worn it before, then it is best to donate it to a thrift store instead. Other things that you should let go of if you only keep them in a corner of your closet are linens and sheets.

Meanwhile, what are those expired makeup products doing in your dresser? You would not want to use them still, would you? Or else, you would risk damaging your skin. Make sure to replace your lipstick and blush every two years, foundation and concealer every year, and mascara every three months.

Get rid of the cardboard food boxes

It is advisable to get rid of cardboard boxes and plastic bags that came with your cereal and snacks. These food boxes only take up space and are not effective in keeping food fresh. Use glass jars and other airtight food storage containers instead.

Say goodbye to your kids’ old clothes and toys

It is great to see your children as they grow. But holding on to their clothing even though it no longer fits them is unnecessary. You can try donating or selling them to free up more space. Also, convince your kids to let go of the toys they no longer play with. You can even encourage them to donate their unused toys to charities.

These are a few tips that can help you declutter your home and get rid of all that mess. A neat and organised space is an ideal space to live in and raise your growing family. If you already have accumulated too many items, then hiring professional rubbish clearance is the best way to go. You will thank yourself later on for a clutter-free home.

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