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Four Practical Ways to Add More Space to Your Home

A bungalow is a classic home design that has been around for decades. It is great for any country because it can accommodate both cold and warm climates. For some homeowners, though, it is normal to want more space in their house.

Here are the many ways you can remodel a bungalow and maximize the use of your space, no matter how limited.

Add a Terrace or Balcony

Having a terrace or balcony will add to the design and value of your bungalow. It is the best way to take advantage of a certain view that cannot be seen from the vantage point of the first floor.

This, however, rarely falls as an allowed development. So if your loft conversion requires an additional permit, you will have to secure the paperwork first. There are also some considerations to make when you are planning to create a balcony that can encroach on the property of another.

Create an Extension

Bungalows often have big backyards or garden space. This can be a great opportunity for an extension. A small rear extension on bungalows can be done as a permitted development if they are less than 8 meters in depth.

But make sure you check the rules in your location before any extension or modification is done. Here’s a tip: You can hire a concrete contractor in Salt Lake City for the home extension project you are planning. They will be in a much better position to assess what you will need for the home extension regardless if you are building a separate structure like a garage or a gazebo.

Transform the Loft

If you have over two meters of height for your loft, you can transform it into another room or useful space for your home. This is a permitted development, except when the listed infrastructure is categorized as a conservation area or building. Meaning, you do not need any planning permission in this case.

To make use of the floor space, dormers can be established. However, the roof lights are the best and cost-efficient way you can lighten up the loft area.

Open Up the Space

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In order to create an illusion that your home is spacious, you can make a link between the interior and your garden. Many Californian and Australian bungalows do this. You can add a French door or bifold for easy access to and from the spaces. It will also help if you use matching materials for both the interior and exterior.

One way to accomplish this is to use the same color for flooring. Use the same type and color for your living room, the terrace, and beyond it. But for the exterior, pick a slip-resistant type. You can also replicate the interior and motif in your living area with that of your garden implements and accessories for a holistic and integrated look.

Many find the layout of bungalows to be odd and peculiar. For some, they can find garden access via the bedroom. When you intend to transform your bungalow into a family home, it is crucial that you carefully rethink and plan its layout. You can always exchange distinct reception areas for an open plan layout. This can help prevent windowless and dark corridors that many bungalows have.

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