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Four Quirky Home Improvement Ideas That Will Make You Stand Out

There are a lot of areas in the house that you can improve. You can go for a total makeover if you have the budget or you can improve just one area at a time. With more people caring about the image their house, you don’t want to do just any kind of renovation that suits your budget.

A little quirk goes a long way in improving the house. Consider these suggestions:

1. Water Feature

Who wouldn’t want a beautifully landscaped lawn to greet them when they get home from work? With a well-tended lawn, you’ll fit right in with everyone on the block. You’re not standing out, however.

To stand out in Salt Lake City, you want your landscape design to include a water feature that will elevate the look of your yard. This can be a fountain or a natural pool — anything that fits your space. You’re also free to customize the design, which further emphasizes the uniqueness of this feature. Rest assured, no visitor will have seen the same design you have to show.

2. Outdoor Gazebo

Wooden gazebo with flowers in the backyardEven if you have limited space and a modest house, you can still make it look luxurious and relaxing. Use the space available outdoors for a dirty kitchen or grilling station if you like to entertain. If the family prefers laid-back weekends, you’ll be better off with an outdoor gazebo.

Keep books in hidden compartments to keep everything neat and organized. The gazebo has enough shade to protect everything from weather changes, but you may further improve it by adding a retractable awning. This also doubles as a meditation spot or outdoor party area.

3. Wrought Iron Gate

There are certain areas of the house that don’t need to do anything to be imposing. The gate is one of them. While there’s a charm to a fragile-looking glass fence, a wrought iron gate is more suitable for a home with grandiose features. It lends the house an air of elegance, and it tells strangers that the owners of the house will stop at nothing to keep their stellar reputation. It’s also ideal for houses with a beautiful garden that can easily be seen from outside.

4. Whimsical Mailbox

You already have the garden with colorful blooms, a feeding station to attract birds, and perhaps a car tire recycled to be a swing for the children. To complete the idyllic look, add character to your mailbox.

This is a homemade project you and the children can do one weekend, but you can also buy any of the fun mailbox covers that are available online. It can be simple or grand, colorful or rustic. Choose the design that ties in with your house best. Choosing items that go together seamlessly, as if they belong in a set, is the secret to a home that looks more expensive and elegant.

You may not be a seasoned designer, but if you know what you want in a house, it can be everything you ever wanted. And yes, that’s possible even if you’re on a budget.

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