Four Ways To Stop Locking Yourself Out of Your Home

Let’s face it, we’ve probably all had situations where we’ve accidentally locked ourselves out of our homes. Perhaps we were in a rush and forgot our house keys, or maybe we left our bag at work and we didn’t realize it until halfway through the home commute. If you live with roommates or family members then this usually isn’t a problem since they can just open the door for you. However, if you live alone then there are only a handful of solutions to help you.

While once is enough to teach us to be more careful in the future, there’s no telling what situation you might end up in. So to help you prevent locking yourself out of your home again, here are a couple of tips to follow.

Replace your lock with a smart lock

While people may occasionally forget their keys, they’re a lot less likely to forget their smartphones. This is because their phone is used for everything from browsing the web to chatting with friends. However, if you have a smart lock in your home, then it can also be used to let yourself in. This is a great option if you want to carry fewer things, but it’s important to remember that there’s always a chance that you might forget your phone too. As such, having some kind of backup is usually a good idea as well.

Have a locksmith service saved on your phone

Locksmith services are great for helping you get out of a situation like this. If you ever find yourself locked out of your home, a quick call to a locksmith service at any time of the day will ensure you can get back in safely. They’ll even help you replace the locks if you’re worried that someone might have stolen your keys, and they can even cut a few extra for you while they’re there. In addition to helping you get back into your home, locksmith services can also recommend security upgrades and locks to give you peace of mind knowing that your home is safe and secure.

Give a trusted neighbor a spare set of keys

Another good option is to give a spare set of keys to a trusted neighbor. If you ever forget your keys, just ask your neighbor to let you in. This is also a good option if you think you’ll ever need your neighbor to go into your homes, such as checking up on your kids, or an extreme case such as a weather emergency.

Have a lockbox outside your home instead of hiding a key

One common way to ensure that you never lock yourself out is to have a key hidden somewhere. However, this is a home security risk because thieves know all of the common hiding spots for a key. Whether it’s under a doormat or behind a potted plant, they’ll eventually find it if you’ve left it somewhere. A good alternative to this is to have a lockbox instead that can be opened with a code. You’ll want it to be fairly sturdy so that people can’t just smash the box and get the key inside.

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