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Garage Doors: Security, Style, and Options

Garage doors can provide a home with security, style, and functionality. Homeowners need to weigh the characteristics and benefits of sectional, tilt, and roller doors before coming to a decision about which suits their home best.

Purpose of Garage Doors

The homeowner’s decision on the type of garage door to use is influenced by security, style, convenience, and performance or use.

Security – Thieves may consider entering and stealing from a garage instead of the main house because it is a more isolated and vulnerable space. A suitable garage door improves security and reduces the risk that thieves will break in and take valuables like cars, tools, and storage items.

Convenience – An ideal garage door is locked up tightly and difficult to break into. However, it should also be easy to access when unlocked or with a remote. Manually operated garage doors without mechanical assistance, for instance, may be heavy and cause muscle strain.

Style – Garage doors contribute to the aesthetic and overall curb appeal of a home. In many instances, they take up about one-third of the home’s front view. As such, the garage door needs to complement and contribute to the home’s architectural style and design. Garage door changes, repairs, and repainting can serve as a minor makeover that upgrades the overall look of the home.

Performance – When making a decision about what type of garage door to use, homeowners need to consider what they intend to use their garage for. They need to factor in how often the door will be used and how long they want to ensure its performance. Weather and exposure to other elements are additional factors that can influence this decision.

Types of Garage Doors

Wooden garage door of a houseMost garage door companies offer three types of garage doors with variations in style, operating mechanisms, and materials.

Tilt Doors – This type of garage door tilts up and swings into the garage. It is a simple and cost-effective way to create an easily accessible garage opening. However, it requires a significant amount of clearance in its swing arc and in the garage’s ceiling.

Roller Doors – Roller doors are space saving designs. They involve corrugated steel curtains that roll up into a bundle at the top of the door when lifted to open. They require minimal side clearances and, unlike tilt doors, a small amount of ceiling clearance. This type of garage door is usually automated.

Sectional Garage Doors – These doors are made of several large, horizontal panels that lift, bend, and take up space in the ceiling of the garage. Material use for sectional garage doors is flexible. This means they can easily be fitted to provide further security, ventilation, or aesthetic finishes.

Window Sections – Homeowners can add window sections to garage doors to serve as decorative accents or to add daylight to a garage. Some sectional garage doors come with snap-in window decorative frames.

Garage doors can come in various types and styles. Homeowners need to weigh the advantages and disadvantages of each when it comes to their ability to deliver security, performance, and convenience.

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