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Getting Your New Home Ready Before You Move

Have you recently purchased a new home for your family? Do you have a couple of weeks left before you plan to move? Then check out some of the advice in this article because it could make the first night in your new home all the more perfect. 

The last thing you want is to move into a house that isn’t ready for your family. If you have a couple of weeks to spare; you have plenty of time for touch-ups and getting the house in the best condition possible. Try some of the suggestions below if you get stuck for ideas!

You want your family to feel as comfortable as possible on the first night in their new home. Getting some new carpets and flooring sorted before the big day is an excellent move! Experts from Allied Van Lines say a lack of carpets is the first thing they notice when moving people into their new homes, and it’s the first thing most homeowners regret. 

You see, it’s much easier and quicker to lay carpets and flooring while the house is empty. It’s harder to complete the task when you have furniture and belongings everywhere. So, if you have enough time to spare, try to sort the flooring out before you move. It will make the house feel more homely too.

Check the boiler / furnace / AC

We’re approaching the winter months at the moment, and you’ll want your family to feel cozy in their new home. With that in mind, it makes sense to check the boiler or furnace before you plan to move. If you need to pay a specialist to perform maintenance, it’s much better to do it prior to moving into the property. 

The same goes for your air conditioning system if you plan to move near to the summer months. The last thing you want is for your family to be uncomfortable when the weather is warm. 

Check the electrics/plumbing 

If your family has to make do without hot water for even a single night, people aren’t going to be happy. So, it’s essential that you have someone over to check the plumbing and pipework before your moving day. You shouldn’t have to spend much so long as everything is in reasonable working order. 

You’ll also want to pay a professional to take a look at the electrics if you want to guarantee your family will have everything they need in the new house. 

Use the information from this article to make sure your moving day goes smoothly, and you don’t encounter any nasty surprises. Moving into a new family home is an exciting time, and your kids will no doubt want to get settled into their new bedrooms as soon as possible. However, sometimes it’s wise to get the basics sorted before you stay there overnight unless you have no other option. So long as you take the advice from this post and use it wisely; you shouldn’t encounter any issues. Have a fantastic time in your new house!

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