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Hello, Spring: Eight Springtime Home Improvement Projects

After hibernating during the winter, your home is due for a fresh start. After all, with spring comes new beginnings; along with the blooming buds come fresh ideas for home improvement projects that will not only add to your home’s resale value but also get it ready for some summer fun.

Upgrade Your Deck

Decks are great areas to entertain guests and to soak up some sun. However, since they are always exposed to the elements, decks can be difficult to maintain. Take this time to check your deck’s frame and structure; make sure that the wood isn’t warped, moldy, rotted, or splintered. If you see any deterioration, it’s time to replace your deck with a new one.

Update the Gutters

Gutters do an incredibly important job: they help direct rainwater and melted snow away from your home’s foundation, thereby saving it from water damage. Though it seems like a trivial problem, having clogged or leaky gutters can seriously negatively affect your home. Keep your home dry and cozy by cleaning and maintaining your gutters.

Repair the Roof

man repairing the roofYour roof is your home’s first defense against the elements. Having a well-maintained roof is essential; a weak roof can cause many problems in your home. Once the winter snow thaws, make sure to inspect your roof and fix any problems you may find up there.

Add a Hot Tub

Create an oasis in the middle of your yard by getting a custom spa in Salt Lake City. Custom spas, or hot tubs, are not only great for entertaining but are also beneficial for solo use. With a hot tub, you can go in for a soak anytime you want to relax.

Replace Siding

Your home’s siding may have been damaged by the snowfall and harsh winter wind. Now that it’s spring, you should check your siding for any cracks, waves, gaps, uneven layers, warping, water stains, or rotting.

Clean the Windows

Start off the season with crystal clear windows! Just be careful when cleaning the ones on your upper floors. While you’re there, remember to inspect the window panes, sills, and trim, as well. If you see any signs of damage, get it fixed right away.

Add a Splash of Color

The simplest and most cost-effective way to update your home is with a fresh coat of paint. Pick up your paintbrush and paint some new life into your home’s interiors or exterior. Just be mindful of what shade you choose; the wall colors can affect your mood. Generally, lighter colors like pastel green and light blue have a calming effect, while brighter colors such as hot pink and lemon yellow have a stimulating impact.

Inspect Your Air Conditioner

After spring comes summer, and with summer comes sweltering heat. You’ll be needing your air conditioner more than ever by then; so, ensure that it is working properly by inspecting it in the spring.

Instead of watching the grass grow, spring into action and undertake some of these easy home improvement projects. You don’t even have to do them yourself; you can always call a contractor for the repair work that seems too difficult and overwhelming. Whether you choose to DIY or to call for professional help, these home improvement projects can make your home safe, secure, and stunning.

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