How To Avoid Inadvertently Damaging Your Home

Many of us can begin to take our homes for granted after a while, that is until the need for maintenance, renovation or even moving elsewhere comes to mind. That said, even the most responsible homeowner can find themselves noticing an issue that they may have contributed to without knowing from time to time.

To use an example – it’s not uncommon for homeowners to realize that perhaps the ventilation of a space is not as maintained as it should be, emphasized by growing damp in a bathroom or basement environment.

It can also be the case that the seasonal effects of home maintenance can be difficult to take care of – for instance, running water through your pipes in the winter is essential to stop them from freezing up.

In other words – you don’t have to be an irresponsible homeowner or even someone who usually misses out on the details to inadvertently cause damage to your home. For some people, issues that they may not have considered, such as land sinking, can imply the need for foundation repair, perhaps not noticeable until it cannot be ignored. In this post, we’ll discuss four examples of how these issues can develop, and what to look out for:

Utility Misuse

Sometimes, issues in our homes can be a consequence of us misusing the utilities in place. For instance, who hasn’t placed clothing-to-be-dried on our radiators once in a while? But that can actually cause damage to them because they have to work much harder to get to the temperature you’ve set them to operate at should you use them in this way.

This can necessitate the need for heater repairs and other heating services. These services can help you make sure that all of your heating functionalities are operating as standard, so it might be worth giving them a call to make sure that you’ve been bleeding the radiators enough, that the system is operating efficiently, or if there are any problems that you may have not noticed as of yet.

Inviting Pests

It can be easy to invite pests into your home, you don’t need to be irresponsible or leave your home in poor condition to experience that at all.

For instance, an outbreak of fruit flies can take place in many homes, ants can come in if they detect sugar and other nutritious morsels, while rats are usually quite busy in cities anyway, and depending on where you live, insect seasons may come and go depending on the weather.

You could try to put up a defense against every single insect or small rodent that might make its way into your home, but this will ultimately leave you unable to live like a normal person. What can be appropriate, then, is using pest control and pest prevention services to put deterrents in place. You may even be referred to services that focus on blocking up a crawlspace or ensuring your home isn’t accessible through the basement to prevent them from building up, as well as getting rid of them using traps and chemicals where appropriate.


A lack of ventilation and too much humidity leads to moisture, which leads to dampness, which leads to health hazards and home damage. It can be reasonable to take a step back from that, then, and focus on ventilating the space appropriately. 

Renovating using the appropriate use of ventilation bricks, installing windows with ventilation locks, and placing fans throughout the property can be key. In some cases, a dehumidifier may be necessary for maximum comfort. If you can manage these requirements well, then over time you’ll no doubt limit your chance of experiencing mold or damp development.

Wear, Tear & Scuffs

You’d be surprised at how easily your walls, home furnishings, and more can develop scuff marks. This is why it’s appropriate to limit doors entering small rooms (such as side bathrooms), from opening all the way. It’s why placing rubber pads at the bottom of wooden tables on tile can be appropriate, so that movement doesn’t cause a mark.

It’s also why ensuring that cable management behind your computer or television area can help you, as adhesive holders can be used to prevent scuffs and marks from frequent movement and use. Overall, if you care for the small habits, over time your home will look better off for it. It may require a practice of habit to get this right, but ensuring your home looks worthwhile is reward enough.

With this advice, we hope you can more easily avoid inadvertently damaging your home.

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