How to Choose the Right Type of Vacation

Today’s travelers have more vacation options than ever before. There are many ways to find lodging that feels like home while still getting the adventurous experience you crave, from camping and hostels to glamping and guest houses. Knowing which type of vacation is best for you can be challenging at times.

The best way to decide if a specific type of vacation is right for you is to read reviews such as Sapphire Resorts reviews to discover more about the accommodation and the location.

This post looks at some of your vacation options to help you decide.


There’s been a camping revival in recent years, particularly among millennials. Some research suggests that camping is a great way to reduce stress and boost your overall happiness. It’s true that, as long as you go prepared, camping is one of the most affordable ways to travel. However, it is essential to remember that it’s also one of the most basic ways of traveling. Campgrounds can be located far from attractions and cities, making it difficult to take in the local sights and sounds. Camping is ideal for those who want to get away from it all but aren’t interested in too much solitude. Pro Tip: always arrive at your campsite before dark to help find your pitch and become familiar with the site.

Hostels and Guest Houses

Hostels and guest houses are some of the cheapest ways to stay in a new city. If you want to experience a city like a local but can’t afford to stay in a hotel, a hostel is a great option. The best hostels and guest houses are located in vibrant neighborhoods jam-packed with cultural activities. If you want to meet new people, learn about a new city, and eat and drink like a local, this is your vacation. If you’re worried about sharing a room with people you don’t know, you can always book a private room. Some hostels and guest houses are so popular that they’re booked out months in advance, so plan ahead. Pro tip: The best hostels and guest houses have amenities like WiFi and kitchenettes, but ask about the amenities before booking. This information is usually available on the website.


Glamping stands for glamourous camping and combines the best parts of camping and luxury travel. Glamping vacations usually include outdoor activities like hiking across mountains and deserts, but they are more luxurious than traditional camping. Glamping trips often take place in beautiful cabins, cottages, or yurts with many modern amenities. Glamping is ideal for those who want the outdoorsy experience of camping combined with modern comforts. Pro tip: Glamping is an excellent trip for first-timers who want to try the outdoor experience but are nervous about sleeping in the wilderness.

RV and Motorhome Travel

RV or motorhome travel is an excellent option if you want to travel farther from home but don’t have a large budget. RV and motorhome rentals usually cost around $75 to $250 a day. RV and motorhome excursions are highly customizable, so you can decide how far you want to travel, where you want to go, and how long you want to stay. You also can pick an RV or motorhome that is big enough to live in if you’re going to travel for an extended period. Pro tip: Pick a route populated with RV parks to make your trip as long or short as you want.

Cruise Vacations

Cruise vacations are great for families and friends because everyone travels under one ticket, and many cruises offer family-friendly activities. You can also experience some of the world’s most fascinating destinations without doing much research or planning. Pro tip:. If you book a cruise that stops at multiple ports along a line, you’ll experience a wide variety of cultures without going too far from home and the hassle of having to book into different hotels frequently.

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