How to Make Your Home More Sustainable

As the global drive toward a zero-carbon future intensifies, many of us have been looking at our own habits and seeing how we can help in this mission. We cannot rely on governments and organizations to do it all for us. It is our planet too. Fortunately, there are many things we can do that can help reduce our individual carbon footprint and reduce the strain on energy firms and our wallets too. Here are a few things you can do today:

High-Performance Windows

One way to make your home more efficient is to install high-performance windows. A lot of heat can be lost through the windows in the winter, and you can also struggle to keep your house cool in summer without the right equipment. So, in warm climates, look for windows that are low solar gain which help reflect sunlight. In cool climates, look for well-insulated windows. 

Your Washing Machine

If you can make savings here, this will go a long way as it is used to frequently. For the most energy-efficient wash, you should wash on cold. However, when this is not possible due to very dirty clothes, why not reduce the temperature instead. Reducing the washing machine thermostat from 105°F to 90°F can make a huge difference over time. Also, avoid washing half loads unless it is absolutely necessary. In the same vein, ensure that all the clothing you do wash actually needs washing. Wearing something once, in most cases, does not generate the requirement for it to be washed. By washing things less frequently, they will last longer too.

Think Eco When Shopping

Do you buy eco cleaning products instead of harsh cleaning chemicals? Also, do you use a reusable shopping bag and choose fruit and veg which is not packaging in plastic? There are an awful lot of ways we can change our shopping habits to help in the eco-drive. One thing is to buy less plastic and perhaps buy things that have not traveled so far. The more natural the product, the less processing it has gone through too. So, there is a lot to consider when shopping.


Regular servicing of all your large energy-burning systems needs to be done at least once a year. Namely your car, and your heating and cooling systems. It makes sense to have your system’s services before they are due to be used extensively. So, your heating system needs looking at towards the end of summer, while your AC unit needs looking at in the winter. Regular servicing will ensure that your systems are running effectively and efficiently. You are also far less likely to sugar a breakdown when you need it most.

Solar Panels

There is nothing quite like making your own renewable energy. Having solar panels will gift you free electricity as well as knowing that you are doing something to protect the environment. Not only that but if you generate enough and have the right meter installed, you may be able to sell some electricity back to the grid. 

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