3 Commonly Overlooked Cleaning Spots in Your Home

Even if you made a habit of cleaning your home regularly, there might be some areas you still miss. These are described as the most overlooked cleaning spots. Indeed, it is through no direct fault of yours if you constantly forget to clean these spots. According to findings, people usually do not pay attention to these parts while doing chores. For example, 21% of Americans often forget to clean the attic. Below are a few areas to check to help you keep a healthy home.

1. Ceiling fans

These fans are often not remembered during the cleaning process as they hang high up on the ceiling. However, they can be considered one of the hardest working appliances in American homes during the summer. Ceiling fans come in various colors, and more often than not, the darker the shade, the lower the chances of noticing the dust buildup on the blades. Dirty-looking white ceiling fans can be easily noticed when they are not in use. However, a darker hue hides dirt, which increases the chances of forgetting to have them cleaned.

Ideally, ceiling fans require once-a-month cleaning, but that also depends on how often they are used in the home. Your home’s location will also determine whether these fans require regular cleaning. As a tip, remember to exercise caution while perched on an A-shaped ladder to clean your ceiling fans. If you’re using a chair as your elevated stand, please ensure it is steady.

2. Carpets

Unlike light-colored ones, dark-colored carpets tend to camouflage dirt and dust. If the latter is what you have in your home, it is easy to overlook regular cleaning simply because you cannot see the dirt. However, you will be doing yourself and your family good if you keep it clean. If you cannot do it yourself, it will be helpful to hire professional carpet cleaners to help you out – particularly as carpets are one of the places in the home where allergens hide for a long time.

3. Interior doors

How often have you concentrated on your front and back doors to forget to give your interior doors a good wipe down? If this is you, be comforted knowing that you aren’t the only one. Nonetheless, it doesn’t make this a normal thing to do on the regular. Interior doors are the most touched doors of the home and harbor lots of bacteria. Keep in mind that the main areas to focus on are the handles. After that, remember to wipe the entire door from top to bottom.

Perhaps, you may want to wipe these doors with a mild detergent or disinfectant. However, do exercise caution because depending on the material used for your interior doors, certain disinfectants could cause damage to them. Test a small hidden door area with the disinfectant if you are not sure. If no discoloration happens after 24hours, it can be a sign to go ahead with it.

4. Switches

Contrary to public perception, switches are some of the grimiest surfaces you can find in the home. After years of turning on and off these little flicks, you transfer dirt from your fingers to the switches. After a while, the surface takes on a sticky black or grey appearance, which can only mean one thing—time to clean. However, you don’t need to wait to see visible dirt on your light switches before attending to them. What you can do is add them to your regular cleaning schedule.

For example, you can wipe all switches in your house twice a month or once a week with a mild disinfecting wipe. The schedule is entirely up to you. Perhaps, for enhanced safety, you may want to consider turning off your home’s main electrical circuit board. This cuts off the power supply for the entire duration to clean the switches. Remember to turn it back on to restore the power supply when done.

5. Throw pillows

If you haven’t already noticed, throw pillows easily attract bacteria and odors. They are constantly touched; therefore, while you strive to clean your couch and other upholstery, remember to take off the throw pillow covers and have them machine-washed. On the other hand, if machine wash is not recommended, try a manual option with a mild detergent.

6. Cleaning supplies

Indeed, the things that aid cleaning deserve your care and attention. Your scrubbing brushes, sponges, dusters, etc., require regular cleaning with an antiseptic. Usually, the ideal time to do this is immediately after cleaning the home. It wouldn’t sound like overkill when you dedicate time to specifically clean your supplies. It is worth noting that cleaning supplies tend to bear the most harmful germs and microorganisms dangerous to human and pet health.

7. Lampshades

Do you remember the last time you gave your lampshades a thorough cleaning? According to household reports, lampshades easily attract dirt and dust. For that reason, it is advisable to include them in your regular cleaning routines. Moreover, it would be better to stick to the manufacturer’s instructions to clean them.

To conclude, please make an effort to clean regularly, and while at it, remember to clean these overlooked spots to maintain a healthier home.

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