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How to Throw a Great Backyard Barbecue Party

Throwing a party in your backyard can be a bit overwhelming because there are lots of chores that need to be done. What are you going to serve? What kinds of drinks are your guests expecting? Will there be enough ice? Will it rain, or will it get too hot? What are we going to do other than grill and eat?

Don’t worry; as long as you have a patio large enough to accommodate all your guests, you are going to be fine. A functional patio awning is an added luxury since most of you surely want to soak in the sun after a year of cold weather. Besides, it’s so easy to have an awning installed. In case the weather is too hot and uncooperative, you can spend a couple of hours to attach a portable awning in your backyard.

Prepare the Food

This isn’t just about cutting the vegetables and making sure that you have the right amount of food—which you should, by the way. A great barbecue party is about well-marinated meat. Make sure that the meat you’re going to serve has been marinated a day before the barbecue fest. That makes for a stronger and deeper flavor that will make you—the griller—the star of the party.

Make Sure that You Have Enough Charcoal, Ice, and Beer

No one wants to be the errand guy, the person who’s going to go to the bodega to pick up more charcoal, bottles of beer, and ice. Make sure that you have enough of these essentials even before you start the barbecue party. You can have a pretty good idea of how much you need based on the number of guests you are expecting.

Ask the Guests to Bring Side Dishes

Since you’ll be the one to bring out the meat, isn’t it only right that your guests take care of the side dishes? You’re going to be preparing the backyard, the house, and the food. You won’t have time to whip up mashed potatoes, baked beans, deviled eggs, buttered corn, and more. Your guests will surely love the opportunity to show off their prized side dishes. Every family has at least one.

Put Decorative Lights

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Your barbecue party will extend way into the night. Instead of scrambling for lights, you can put up string lights so that the party will look extra cozy. You can even install solar-powered lamps that will turn on automatically when the sun goes down. You don’t have to put these lights up every time you’re going to host a party. Leave them in your backyard, and they’ll add a glow in your otherwise dull garden.

Always Be Safe

Just because you’re not using the stove doesn’t mean that there won’t be a flare-up or an explosion. Chicken thighs, pork, and other kinds of meat contain a lot of fat that can drip to the charcoal, causing a sudden flare-up. Be ready with a spray bottle and a fire extinguisher. There’s nothing wrong with preparing for a bad scenario.

Just in case you haven’t figured it out yet, music is one of the most important components of a backyard barbecue. If you’re not too great at choosing the sounds, you can entrust this to someone else—maybe you have a friend who has a great ear for music? You can set up a Bluetooth speaker and an iPhone, put the playlist on, and party the day away.

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