What Separates a Reputable Interstate Mover from the Rest?

Relocating from one state to another is stressful, but choosing an incompetent moving company can make your experience so much worse. In all probability, mishaps will happen when you entrust your belongings to let an unreliable crew.

With so many companies operating in the industry, seeking quality, long-distance moving services is harder than you expect. Here are the things that you should look for to narrow down your prospective movers:

Government License

Legitimate interstate moving companies are licensed by the U.S. Department of Transportation (USDOT). A licensed mover does not only meet the basic competency requirements set in place by the government but also possess adequate insurance coverage.

More often than not, the moving companies you will encounter will claim to be fully licensed and insured. Of course, do not take their word for it; do due diligence to find out which ones are telling the truth.

Ask about the company’s movers license number, and verify it using the USDOT database. A moving company’s license is subject for renewal yearly, so do not take any license number at face value.

Fixed Pricing

Unlike intrastate moving companies, interstate ones do not charge by the hour. They observe fixed pricing based on numerous criteria, including shipment weight and distance.

Thanks to great competition, you can find affordable estimates if you shop around hard enough. However, do not hire a company purely based on the quotes you received. Not all movers offer the same “standard” services, so understand what you will get for the price offered to you.

Of course, you have to pay extra if you need to use more services and supplies. It is wise to scrimp, but avoid skimping on the moving solutions that can make your relocation less inconvenient.

In-Home Inspection

It is imperative to work with a mover that willingly comes over to your house and perform a thorough inspection on-site before making an offer. Although an interstate moving company’s price is fixed, underestimation can result in inefficiency. For instance, you might have an understaffed crew to carry out the move, which can affect your schedule.

Moreover, the beauty of an in-home inspection is that you get to talk to an expert yourself. If you have pressing questions, it is the chance to get them answered to your satisfaction.

Professional Association Affiliation

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A reliable moving company does not need to be a member of any professional association. However, it is wise to hire a mover that is part of one to help protect you against scams.

Professional mover associations have a code of ethics that guide their members in the business. These clubs also have strict membership requirements to preserve their credibility. One of the usual prerequisites to become accepted by the association is Better Business Bureau accreditation, which has been the stamp of excellence across all trades in North America.

Overall, interstate movers are not equal; some are more reputable than others. Look for the said features to separate the good moving companies from the bad ones.

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