How To Transform Your House Into Your Dream Home

To find your dream home everything has to be right. You might have bought a house in the perfect location; close to family and friends, in walking distance to the local school, not far from work and somewhere with plenty of shops and services nearby; however, you could have all of this but not like your house. Perhaps it’s not big enough for your growing family, maybe you always dreamed you would have a pool and this one doesn’t or it might be that your dream house has an open plan kitchen but your current one doesn’t. So, what do you do? Do you move house to find your dream house – if it even exists, or do you transform your house into your dream home?

Not only will spending money and investing in your house make you happy as it will become the house you want, but it will also add value to it so should you come to sell your home in the future your investment should pay out nicely for you. But where do you start and when you already have a house there are going to be limitations, so how do you create your dream home?

Make Space

Space is what people long for in their homes; somehow they accumulate so much stuff and all of sudden find themselves with no space to keep it all. There are plenty of ways to make space in your home and this could be by doing something as little as decluttering or a big as knocking down a wall. Have a look at your home and see where you could make space, even the illusion of more space with patio doors can make a huge difference to your home. 

Fix The Small Things

If you’re sat in your house every evening thinking about all the things you wish you could change or fix then get started. Start with the small things such as the broken lock on the bathroom door and the stain on the carpet. If you start small, these things won’t cost you a lot and you’ll start to feel better about your house. Put pictures up that you’ve been meaning to do for ages, fix leaking taps, and just get all those niggly things to stop niggling you. Once you have done this, you’ll feel accomplished and you’ll be ready to continue with more. 

Learn Some Skills

It does take talent and skill to tile a kitchen floor, plaster a wall, or even put up shelves, but don’t let that stop you because if you know what you want your home to look like then you could start by learning how to create it yourself. There are so many YouTube tutorials out there to teach you how to do things and once you get started you might get a taste for it and continue to learn how to do all sorts of things – you might be ripping out your kitchen and putting in a new one soon. 

Personalize Your Home

One way to make your home feel like your own and somewhere you are proud and happy to be is to make it personal. This could be with photos of family and friends, unique personal items, and your favorite things and colors. Put lots of pictures on the walls, add touches of your favorite color around and make it your own. 

Add New Life

Next, you want to bring some plants to your home. This is good for improving air quality in your home as well as adding a touch of color and a homely feel. If you’re new to this, then don’t go investing in some large plant that can take a lot to look after, but start off small with an indoor herb garden. This can also give you a sense of achievement, help with your cooking as you’ll have the herbs on hand to use fresh in your meals. 


If you’ve just moved in or if you’ve been in your house for a while, there is always junk that can be got rid of. You can make your home feel much cleaner, brighter, and far more personal if you go through your things and work out what you want in there. What you want to keep, what means something to you, and what you even have a place for. There is no point having a cupboard full of junk. Go through and think about when the last time was that you used a particular something. If you can’t remember, then get rid of it. You can sell things online to make a bit of money at the same time as clearing out your house.


Accessorizing your home is one of the simplest ways to transform your home. If your home is a blank canvas then accessorize is all you need. From cushions to throws, candles, plants, and bathroom baskets and mats, still choosing a color scheme or theme for each room can be quickly done, and it can make it look like a different place. Even better than this, accessorizing is a reasonably inexpensive way to re-decorate and you can also change it from season to season or just when you get bored of one color. You can easily swap your cushion covers or throws when you feel like a change.

It can take a long time to transform your house into your dream home, but if you have a plan and an idea of what you want to do with it, then that’s half the battle. If you plan on staying in this house for a long time, then it’s worth the investment of the time and the money to do it over time. Planning is essential, and if you are going to make several adjustments to your home, then speaking to an expert first is an idea because there might be a better order to have them done in. Be prepared for workers in and out of your home but remember it will all be worth it in the end.

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