Upgrade Your Space With Wallpaper For A Refresh In 2021

With everyone staying at home due to the pandemic, you may be looking at your walls and wondering what you can do to liven your space up a bit. Perhaps you’ve been wanting to update for a while. There’s no better time than right now, while you’re still working from home and staying in more often. Give yourself some time to be creative and enjoy a new (visual) outlook.

A fun and easy way to change your home’s look is with wallpaper. If the thought of wallpaper evokes images of your grandmother’s house, it’s time to rethink wallpaper. The product has come a long way in terms of ease of use and style. The color and pattern options are almost endless. There is truly something for every taste and style. And, if your style changes, you can change your wallpaper, too!

Are you interested in abstract, metallics, organic styles, or monochromatic colors? You can find them at You’ll find such a fun and expressive variety of colors and designs here. You can go maximalist or minimalist in style – whatever your design aesthetic.

Wallpapering is such a versatile option for a variety of homes and spaces. You can personalize a closet for a refreshing space to get ready. Apply wallpaper onto backsplashes and the inside of cabinets for fun accents. Glass door cabinets give a little peek of your style through the doors while solid doors offer a surprise whenever they’re opened. Sometimes one accent wall in a favorite color or design is what you’re looking for, other times a whole room refresh is in order.

At the end of the day, if you can’t decide on only one pattern, order some samples to get an idea of what the design patterns and colors will look like in your home. Once they arrive, place them in the desired area or areas and then look at them from different angles. Revisit the patterns throughout the day as the light changes from morning to evening filtering into your home for different effects. You may even realize that the wall you wanted the wallpaper on will look better as is and the wallpaper will be better enjoyed on an adjacent wall for maximum impact or minimum subtleties. 

Place the wallpaper next to your existing furniture, painted walls, window treatments, and baseboards. Make sure that you like what you see. Sometimes the unexpected occurs and you’re pleasantly surprised with how certain colors and patterns mix well with others. The sky’s the limit and your only limitations are within your own imagination.

If you’re new to the wallpaper game, utilize this useful wallpaper glossary for reference. You can keep it handy as you’re perusing the different options available. Also, this video is a helpful guide to wallpapering.

When you’re ready to do a little (or a major) upgrade to your home, consider wallpaper for its ease and versatility of use. There is so much that can be done to liven up your space, whether it’s temporary or permanent, small scale or large scale, the options are endless. When you’re done you can sit back, relax, and enjoy the view.

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