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Ideas for Modern and Eco-friendly Home

Today, protecting the environment does not have to involve tremendous feats, like saving the polar bears, planting trees on an entire mountain, or donating millions to environmentalist groups. However, if you can do those things, then there’s nothing wrong with that. After all, every little thing counts. In fact, you can start by changing the interior design of your home.

Choose Natural Materials

Instead of purchasing plastic items or materials, opt for plywood interior furniture, stone walls, and wooden floors. Let’s face it. Plastic furniture doesn’t look good no matter where you put it. Wood and stone, on the other hand, will age well.

Additionally, interior designs made from natural materials will not only make your home more eco-friendly, but they can also provide a timeless, modern look.

Moreover, if you want to go the extra mile on your eco-friendly goals, you can consider repurposing used pieces or antiques made from wood. This way, you contribute to the environment by not having to cut even more trees to make your furniture.

Incorporate Real Plants

Now, you probably saw this coming. But what better way is there to have an eco-friendly home than to use actual plants as your home decor? However, before you go and purchase pots and vases in the store and start planting, here’s a better, more modern idea: vertical gardens.

Vertical gardens involve using plants and other greenery as your wall design. This way, you can save more space for other items in the house while having more coverage for your indoor garden or interior design.

Meanwhile, on top of giving you a relaxing aesthetic, indoor plants can actually help clean or freshen the air in your home. A study from Economic Botany found that foliage plants like the spider plant prove to be efficient in removing harmful gasses in the air.

Use Brighter Colours

Home with orange furnituresYou might already be using eco-friendly LED light bulbs in your home if you’re reading this (if not, please do). However, they would be for naught if you don’t have the right colours in your home.

Now, we all know how aesthetically pleasing black walls are. However, darker walls or ceilings mean that lesser light will bounce from the surfaces, making the room look bleak. This is because brighter colours reflect light, whereas darker colours absorb it. Not to mention, darker colours also absorb heat faster than brighter colours. While this might be great news on a snowy day, you might regret it when summer comes.

Nonetheless, this is not to shun the entire existence of dark colours in your home. You can still use them strategically by having them as accents rather than the dominant colour of a room.

Eco-friendly Is Modern

In the end, more and more eco-friendly options are popping up on the market as people become more environmentally conscious, so much that it has gotten you here, reading about how to make your home more eco-friendly without being old-school. Well, eco-friendly is the new modern, don’t you think?

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