I’m On A Plane, And My Back Door Is Unlocked…

The stuff of nightmares, the thing that’s only funny in the movies, is when you’re on a plane jetting off to a holiday and you think you left the door unlocked. The rear door might have been left unlocked, or it might not have been. Which is it? You convince yourself you’re not that stupid to leave it unlocked while you are away. Yeah, you definitely locked it! Or is the memory you have of locking your door, from another day? You woke up kind of frazzled, maybe you did leave it unlocked! Okay, slow down….let’s talk about home security.

The basics


Since we don’t want you to panic about home security when you may only have a few days before you go on holiday, let’s keep it simple. Stick a few LED solar lights in your garden. Put them around the edges and right up to the windows in your garden or lawn. You may also want to install a great big floor light. Who cares if it annoys the neighbors a little, you’re only going to have it on at a higher level while you are away. It will shine a huge light on anyone who approaches the house. You should also try to install some LED fairy lights in a tree or a bush. It’s not just to look pretty, it can really help to rebound light off the front windows and show up anyone hiding in the bushes or trying to kneel down and jimmy open a window.

Watching them, watching you

The one thing that keeps burglars away, even in this day and age is a good security camera. But not just a camera that records in HD, but an automated camera system like the one that  Watchmenkc.com is offering. The motion sensors will detect something that is moving, allowing the camera to focus in or if you set it to just hold the position it will also do that. You get real-time security updates. So anyone that passes the place won’t be alerted to you, but if an object (human) stays in the shot for a long time while moving about, then it will beam the footage live to you on your smartphone. You could be in a hotel in Turkey and be rudely awakened at night when someone is trying to get inside your back door. Alert the cops silently and then grab the popcorn as they get caught!

Just call

You don’t have time to be embarrassed when you are on holiday. If you really do feel that something is not right, then just call your friends, family, or your neighbor and humbly ask them to take a look. It’s far better than wasting your holiday worrying about something when you could ask for a little bit of help.

We highly recommend you take a look into these measures before you jet-set across the world. Your sun-soaked vacation is going to be destroyed if you come home and the place is ransacked.

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