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In the Hunt for Your Abode’s Most Sneaky Energy Stealers this Winter

Honestly, who loves a thief? There’s a reason for the phrase “thick as thieves”, right? Someone who steals must have no shame. And yes, we don’t want someone stealing from us. That’s a fact. And definitely, you wouldn’t want it done right under your noses. The sad part is this could be happening to you for some time now.

Whether you like it or not, you could be a victim of a thief. Worse, this thief has been stealing from you for years now. Government data show many American homes have lost a substantial amount of energy every month in winter. Indeed, it’s highly-likely, energy holes in your system are draining your abode of precious energy. You just don’t know it yet.

In this regard, an energy audit should keep things in order. Such a home inspection will reveal which part of your lovely dwelling is drafty. And you can take it from there.

Stealing Right Under Your Nose

Winter is here. And with that, all the reasons you should keep your precious abode as warm as possible. The sweater weather is deadly, deadlier than any season by far.

Heart attacks, for one, are more prevalent in the months leading to January. A February 2017 study showed the risk of a heart attack rises in men after a heavy snowfall. Specifically, the risks increase by 16% in men after a heavy snowfall amounting to 8 inches deep. That’s when compared to a day devoid of snow.

That said, it’s but right we seek solace in our homes. To find warmth, we hunker down in our building. But, even the warmth that we enjoy inside is stolen from us. And that comes at a cost.

Data shows that 90% of homes in America are under-insulated. That means the warm air inside that we value most in the colder months escapes outside.

And no less than the U.S. Energy Information Administration has confirmed this. In its report, the government agency divulged that heating costs may increase by as much as $635 when the winter months arrive.

In short, you could be losing as much as $100 in added costs for every winter month that passes by.

Experts note that winter is taking a heavy toll on the wallet. It is the “most expensive” time to get your home heated.

Remedying Things

As under insulation is the problem identifying the weak spots in your abode is paramount. To that end, a thorough inspection of your house should be undertaken. This will allow you to identify what particular part of your building is stealing precious heat energy from you.

Warm air rises. If you don’t plug these holes, you will find that the air that makes your surrounding warm is largely diminished. Thus, you will have to make your heater work double-time to get you heated.

The attic is one of the usual culprits for such heat loss. If there’s a place where warm air can go to as it rises, the attic is top of that list. ; More often than not, It’s the place where the majority of precious warm air is lost.

Under insulation in your attic manifests itself over time. For one, bare spots located on your roof is a telltale sign your attic has holes. That’s because when air rises it goes through the holes of your attic and through the roof. In the process, your roof gets warm.

Another sure sign your attic has holes in it is the presence of ice dams and icicles.

Know that there are other places in your abode that could be drafty too. Another is your crawl space. One key sign that it is compromised is cold floors. As warm air rises and goes outside, it leaves your floors colder.

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Then, there is the case for your windows and doors. These building outlets can be a major source of energy loss too. Windows, for one, is a good source of fresh air during warmer months. And you should open them to let the air through if the sun is up. But during winter, air leaking when a window is drafty can cause your heating bills to spike.

A good home inspection should include an energy audit. Such audits check which part of the home is underinsulated. Usually, the use of a thermal camera comes in handy to speed up the process. As an infrared camera can show the heat signatures of the areas in your abode, it can pinpoint the places where warm air is lost.

Heat is a precious commodity during winter. That’s why keeping as much heat within your living spaces is key to survive the winter. To do so, a thorough home inspection should be in order to minimize energy holes in your system. It may take time and effort but it’s all worth it. Once done, you can rest easy knowing the health and safety of your family is well taken care of.

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