Mistakes You Don’t Want To Make When Choosing Color Schemes

The color scheme of every individual room in the home is going to play a major role in shaping the overall identity of the space. As such, you want to ensure you’re not making any mistakes that can trip you up. A set of colors that look great on a color chart or in the can might not look as great when they’re put up. As such, here are a few mistakes that you don’t want to make when putting together a color scheme.

Not adjusting for the natural light

How paint looks in the can and how it looks on the wall is usually dictated by how much light the room has access to. For instance, smaller poorly lit rooms do not tend to make use of sky and pastel colors as well as rooms with plenty of natural light. Take strips of color to test them in the room when it gets the most natural light throughout the day.

Not taking furniture tones into account

If you’re choosing furniture after you’ve already chosen a color for the room, then you can do this the other way around. However, if you already have furniture, you should consider it’s tone. You can reupholster some to make them a better fit but, otherwise, you should keep them in mind to choose a color that contrasts them effectively to offer the room some balance.

Make sure you can see the colors well

It might sound like a truly silly mistake to make, but if you wear glasses normally, make sure that you’re wearing them when you’re choosing colors. Bring a spare frame if you need to. Eye vision issues like astigmia change how light enters your eye, which can make you perceive colors incorrectly. That’s definitely not going to help you choose a palette.

Not getting some inspiration

If you don’t know how a palette works, then the best way to see it in action is to take a closer look at rooms that already use it. If you have a color in mind, such as light grey, then you should take a look at inspiration pages that make good use of that color in different rooms. This can help you get real examples of how it will work and you can find these pages on the internet for just about any mix of colors, too.

Choosing colors you feel nothing about

You can do everything correctly but if you don’t feel that a color strikes emotion for you when you first see it, then you’re less likely to feel strongly about it when it’s up on the walls. If you do find a color that impacts you then do what you can to see if it works in the room even if it doesn’t exactly fit the rules as written above.

Though it might seem pretty basic, choosing the right colors for a room is a core fundamental of interior decor. Keep the tips above in mind to get it right.

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