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Interior Home Upgrades That Will Increase Your Home Value

If you are having a hard time choosing what interior home improvements to tackle, know that you are not alone. But if there is one thing you won’t regret doing is to consider improving your home value when choosing a project. Thankfully, there are lots of projects you can invest in that will help you achieve better home value.

You don’t necessarily need to indulge in expensive projects just to drastically change your home’s value, comfort, and aesthetics. Here are cheap but doable ways you can improve your interior while boosting its value at the same time.

Add Planstcapes Inside Your Home

With a well-landscaped home, you have a definite price advantage. According to reports, how much value your landscaping can add to your home can range between 5.5-12.7percent. Note that this does not only refer to your outdoor landscaping but your interior landscape as well.

One can never be short of reasons to add interior landscaping. For one, you get to enjoy improved aesthetics while improving the air quality inside your home. Plants are natural air filters, which means they help remove impurities inside the house and make it a healthier place to live in.

Studies show that being surrounded by nature is good for one’s physical and mental health. Plants also help absorb sound, which in turn helps in boosting our productivity and mood levels. Adding a few plants inside the house is good enough to bring your stress levels down.

There are lots of cheap indoor plants you can add inside your home. You can decorate them with decorative rocks and add premium topsoil to ensure plant longevity and health. You won’t have a hard time looking for supplies as many local suppliers are more than willing to deliver your landscape supply needs.

Update Your Home’s Lighting

A home needs to be well-lit to be considered safe. Lighting also helps improve a real estate’s aesthetics. This is the reason why outdoor lighting is a bit hit these days.

Homeowners would go strategically place numerous lighting around their home to improve their home’s curb appeal. But your outdoor lighting is not your only concern. You also need to make sure you get to improve your interior lighting to highlight the best parts of your home.

Your interior lighting upgrade can be as simple as switching to more eco-friendly lighting options. LEDs and CFLs work great in lighting up your home while enjoying energy savings. Remember that the more energy-efficient your home is, the more desirable and the higher the price it gets.

Consider adding additional lights in places that require more light. This includes underlighting on your kitchen cabinets, pendant lights on higher ceilings, and surface lights on your hallways. Don’t underestimate the power of Smart Lighting when improving the value of your home.

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Add a Dash of Fresh Paint

Nothing can give a home an instant facelift than new paint color. But then, choosing the right colors can be tricky. When in doubt, choose neutral colors and keep yourself updated with the latest trends in house painting.

Experts have varying predictions as to what colors will dominate houses this year. You can choose between Vintage Blue, Chalky White, and Warm Apricot. Of course, you need to consider the style of your home and your furniture when choosing a color.

If you haven’t tried house painting, then it would be best to hire a pro instead. This way, you can be sure the paint job will be finished with fewer hassles and on time. You can avoid getting paint all over your belongings, waste money if you ever had to redo the project, or simply enjoy your freshly painted walls without lifting a finger.

Swap Your Hardware and Fixtures

The simple act of replacing your fixtures and hardware can instantly update the look and feel of your home. The best part is you won’t have to spend much just to remove and replace these things. You can easily find new hardware and fixtures that will match your style so you can give the house a modern touch.

If you are looking for a more classic look, go for bronze hardware and fixture. If you want a more modern or contemporary look, then you can try matte-type stainless steel or brushed nickel instead. Many would overlook this simple upgrade but you now know better than that.

Improving your home and boosting its value does not have to expensive. Sometimes, the right projects are enough to add more to a home’s value. Choose your projects well and you can achieve your goal if increasing the value of your property.

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