Keeping Your Home Pest-Free

No one wants to share their space with rats, mice, roaches, flies, or other pests, but those creatures do share a world with us and sometimes move into our homes.  There are times when you need to call in the professionals right away, for example, as soon as you see a rat, roach, or bedbug, or if you are unsure if a snake is venomous or not.  In those circumstances, you should immediately call a rodent removal or other pest eradication specialist.  But there are ways you can keep a problem from developing in the first place using some of these principles from the integrated pest management approach.  

Don’t Feed (and Water) the Pests

It is pretty obvious that to maintain a pest-free home, you need to keep a clean house.  Rats, mice, and filth flies, among other species, make feasts of human garbage.  But it is worth emphasizing that crumbs, poorly stored food, and uncovered trash will cause problems sooner or later.  Pet food can also be a food source for unwanted guests.  Instead of free-feeding your pets, try establishing mealtimes and pick up any leftover food afterwards.  Also, remember that just like any living creature, pests need water.  Monitor your faucets and pipes for leaks, and don’t make a habit of leaving dishes to soak.  

Monitor and Identify

If you can spot and take care of a pest problem before it turns into an infestation, you can save yourself time, money, and a large helping of ick.  Keep an eye on spaces not used in your day to day life, for instance, the spaces behind and under your fridge and stove.  Know what kinds of pests are frequent in your area, so you can correctly identify them and approach the problem accordingly.  If sugar ants get into your baking supplies, sealing up the sugar and flour may solve the problem.  However, if you spot a carpenter ant, it is time to inspect your home for potential structural damage thoroughly.  

Know Your Enemy

The more you know about your local pests, the more you can solve problems before they get out of control.  For example, mosquitoes can be hard to control but making sure you don’t have any standing water on your property for them to breed in can curtail issues before they start.  Take the time to learn about various pests’ life cycles and use the internet to find effective strategies to shut down problems before they happen.  

Is it a Problem?

Filth flies, mice, rats, bedbugs, roaches — those are pests that always need to be removed from the home.  But you might find that you can coexist with some other creatures.  If you have no small children in the home or bee allergies, a hive in a tree on your property may be a welcome pollinator.  And you may want to rethink your relationship with spiders.  Spiders who don’t bite humans or only cause a small welt if they do, are excellent allies for controlling lots of other pests.  They can even control insect populations that are a food source for mice, helping to prevent rodents!  

Pest control is an essential part of keeping a healthy and safe home!  Use these tips to keep the creatures at bay.  

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