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Kitchen Cabinets to Consider When Designing Your Home

Designing kitchens is a lot of work. One has to think of different features including lighting, décor, and faucets. They have to consider how the aspects work together. There is also a lot of small decisions that one will have to think about that if overlooked can disrupt everything you wanted to achieve.

Most people already have an idea of the kind of cabinet they want, for example. Often, people will see a quartz kitchen countertop in Utah and think to incorporate that in their design. While that is alright, one must never throw things together randomly.

When it comes to cabinets, for example, the following are options you want to compare and choose from:

Shakers and louvered cabinets

Shaker style cabinets are ordinary. They have five panels that form the frame and four centerpieces with a middle panel that serves as the last. Shakers are loved for their simplicity and class. They fit well in contemporary kitchens.

Trademark characteristics are such as flat panel doors and rail frames. They tend to be made of sturdy wood and come in functional designs. Most cabinets are made of quarter sawn oak, hickory, cherry, and maple.

Louvered cabinets have horizontal slats made of wood. They tend to be expensive but the initial costs even out due to their long life span. Their designs are meant to display from windows and to match furniture and the inside of doors.

These cabinets are ideal if you want a unique kitchen. They are excellent for places where ventilation is vital as they can have spaces between slats. Often, such cabinets will be installed next to radiators or in pantries.

Slab cabinets

These styles will have flat panel doors and will bring to the room a stylish simplicity. This style will allow you to use hard lines, symmetry and minimalist designs to make the kitchen pop.

Since they are simple, these cabinets suit both modern and contemporary kitchens. They will often vary based on the manufacturer, but they all have slab doors without frames.

Inset and distressed cabinets

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Inset cabinets have a door set as the name suggests. Their frame is inside, and not outside like with other cabinet doors. Every door will be built and designed with exact measurements to allow the wood to stay in frame and to open and close as should.

The cabinet drawers tend to be expensive, bringing to the kitchen a classic look. They are easy to customize with non-beaded or beaded inserts. Beading adds an edge to the details of the cabinet. Note that this style will demand that the hinges be exposed.

If you want an antique kitchen, pick distressed cabinets. The corners will typically be rubbed off and combined with other techniques for distressing to make the cabinet feel old. Note that any tradesman will increase their price for distressing new cabinetry.

When deciding what design to go for, consider the types of hinges in your pick, the finishing and the overall feel the style brings. Consider also how colors will work with your intended design. It is okay to have a craftsman make for you the style you want if you cannot find something in the stores that tickles your fancy.

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