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Laying a Good Foundation: Finding a Good Contractor?

A building’s strong point rests in a strong foundation. Without this, a structure would quickly lose its footing and come crumbling down. More so for pre-engineered steel buildings.

That is why it’s important that you hire reputable concrete foundation contractors.

Prefabricated metal buildings

Prefabricated metal buildings are a more cost-efficient option than traditional building design. It consists of a structural steel framing system, a supporting metal roofing system, and wall panels. These buildings are designed, engineered, and assembled to exact specifications. Steel buildings go up straight and square. They are designed not to change for decades, and crucial to that is a foundation made from strong and high-grade mixed concrete.

It is a common mistake in foundations for prefabricated metal buildings to have anchor bolts that are improperly located—the ideal placement should be within a 1/16” tolerance for proper alignment. Precision is key to achieving good foundation work for pre-fab metal buildings. To achieve this level of precision, you must secure the services of a professional concrete foundation contractor.

Finding a reputable concrete contractor

Contractors discussing plan

Diligence is the requirement on your part in finding a reputable company.

Recommendation. It is said that the best marketing tool is word of mouth. Before doing an online search, ask your family, friends, acquaintances, and colleagues if they know or have worked with a reliable concrete foundation contractor. If none, go to local cement companies and ask whom they would recommend.

Compare your options. Ideally, you should compare at least four contractors. That way, you will have a better chance of finding the right one.

Check the ratings. Check the local contractors’ board for ratings or complaints. These are typically lodged there, and if there is any, what had been done to correct it?

Length of time in the business. The longer they’ve been doing this, the better for you as this indicates that they’ve seen a lot of issues about this process and would most likely know what to do. While every business starts out as a newcomer on the block, experienced contractors would be more likely to do a good job.

Expertise. Have they laid foundations for steel structures in the past? More specifically, where and which buildings? If they cite several examples, pick one or two that you could check.

Licensing. Call the certifying body and check if their licenses are updated;

Insurance. A reputable company would first ensure that their employees are protected and covered by insurance. The bare minimum is general liability insurance and worker’s compensation insurance.

Reference. A reputable company wouldn’t have trouble naming some of their satisfied previous clients for reference. When you get this list, call and ask if there had been problems in their contracts.

See for yourself. If possible, visit a project site that the company has completed. Look at the finished product. Are the floors even? Do the foundation walls look straight and even?

Detailed quotes. Give them specifics about your projects and discuss what they’re expected to do for you. Provide them with an anchor bolt plan and building dimensions.

Foundation work for prefabricated steel buildings cannot cut corners in material and construction methods. Choose a contractor that has the skills, expertise, and experience to ensure that your building will stand the test of time and comply with existing codes and standards.

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