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Live Outdoors: 4 Ways to Give Your Patio a Personality

The patio is a space that is often taken for granted, but it should not be, especially if you consider it as your haven when the day ends or when stress is taking a toll on you. It is even an important venue when hanging out with friends and strengthening your bond with your family. That’s how important patio is. That’s why it should not be taken for granted.

You might want to show your patio some loving, and this is something you can do by dressing it up. Today, your patio may look homely and understated. It may look boring, even. Give it a personality by sprucing it up. Do away with the non-essentials and let your creativity shine.

Of course, you will find it difficult, especially if you do not know where to start. This is what this guide is for. Here are some of the things you may want to do to your patio:

1. Pick a theme

Unless you want your patio to look eclectic or brutalist, you should pick a theme that will pull together the aesthetics that you have in your head. Be sure that the theme you will pick will also be practical as far as the size of the space is concerned.

For one, you may want to ditch your Bohemian or Victorian theme if you have a small patio, as these themes require you to use large furniture. If you want to make the most of your patio, it would be advisable to use for function-centric aesthetics, such as Japanese or Scandinavian.

2. Get the right furniture

As you are focusing on function, you should make sure that your furniture lives up to it. Picking a piece of patio furniture means that you need to go for sturdy ones so they can withstand the outdoor elements. Wicker and rattan will surely come to mind, but you always have the choice to do away with the usual. As you are giving your patio a personality, why not consider pieces from renowned designers. Antique ones, even the Jindrich Halabala furniture pieces, can certainly do the trick.

3. Accessorize

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The bulk of the aesthetics will depend on the accessories for your patio. This is why you will need to pick items that are neither too overwhelming nor too understated. Go for that happy middle, and see to it that the accessories will highlight the features of your patio. For one, you may want to go for luxurious drapery. Thin ones, such as lace and linen, will certainly do. Fireplaces and even water features are also welcome.

4. Add some entertainment

This is not necessary, but you may find it useful during gatherings and similar events. Entertainment items, such as small pool table or a football, can be considered. If you want to stay on the safe side, go for a television.

Giving your patio a personality should be based on your aesthetics and of course, your personality. Stay simple, and make sure that form and function are balancing each other out.

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