Locks, Levers, and Handles: What Homeowners Should Know

Door Locks and FactsWhen people hire contractors to build their homes, they often do not consider the type of door they want for the interior rooms. Sometimes, the only door that matters is the main entrance.

But what many homeowners in Australia often ignore is the kind of door handle they install on their doors.

There are two main classes of door handles: those designed for internal doors and those meant for external doors. Within each type, there are a variety of sub-classes of doorknobs.

For Interior Doors

This category encompasses closets, bathrooms, bedrooms and utility rooms. Door handles under this category include:

Privacy door handles

Any interior door within your house that you find necessary to lock often needs a privacy door knob. They are commonly used in bathrooms and bedrooms, so anyone inside will have the privacy they need. They have a lock on the doorknob and a key. It is however not secure enough to sufficiently keep out anyone who might use force or pick the door lock.

Dummy door handles

They are often used on cabinet or appliances that don’t require a latch for the opening. They’re primarily designed with aesthetics in mind. Having one adds slight convenience or adds a more decorative look. In Australia, these dummy knobs are used mainly for convenience.

Passage door handles

These are used mainly in rooms where privacy isn’t a key consideration, such as those for hallways or closets. These doorknobs do not lock but could still require you to turn the handle to open the door.

External door handles

Main doors need door knobs, and handles need to be stronger than interior doors. External door knobs ought to be reliable, secure and have a workable lock.

Keyed entry door handles

For this kind of door knob, keys are made to fit into specific locks uniquely. These door handles can be locked from both the inside and outside. They typically need a key to unlock from the outside but not from the inside. In Australia, there are keyed entry door handles that come with a deadbolt to enhance more security.

Keyless entry

These include a secure lock and a number pad where a numerical code is set up to facilitate locking and unlocking. These are the best option for individuals who do not like the inconvenience of carrying keys.

If you have met with your builder and discussed the kinds of door handles, locks, and levers you need for your home, you should not forget these qualities you want in a door lock or knob. Make sure that the door knob has the right level of security, pricing, and accessibility you need.


Most entry door handles are tested by ANSI for grading purposes based on durability and strength. Always choose grade 1 door handles if you want your door knobs to have a strong lock.


The price of a door handle is often between AUD 5 for simple locks and AUD 500 for high-quality door knobs. Many homeowners choose door knobs ranging from AUD 10 to AUD 100.

Ease of use

If you have seniors living at home who may find it difficult to turn and twist door knobs and key handles, you should choose door handles and locks that use keypads for accessibility. People with arthritis are more likely to struggle to operate traditional doors, but some people could also find it hard to memorise codes. Choose the door lock that suits your family’s needs.

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