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Types of Machines Used for Hard Floor Cleaning

In commercial places and even common residential areas, the floors will wear out quickly owing to the considerable foot traffic and sometimes heavy machines. This can be averted by regular cleaning to get rid of the debris responsible for scuffing your floors and leaving chips that open it up to damage. Sweeping and mopping are good but unfortunately not enough particularly for hard floors. Hard floors include those made of asphalt, vinyl, wood, marble, linoleum, rubber and tile.

For these, you need a dedicated or periodic clean by professional cleaners from companies like N1 Cleaning. The cleaners will come equipped with various machines designed to keep these hard floors debris free and looking new. Here are some of these machines.


A floor buffer is a low-speed appliance that has a horizontally rotating head attached to a scrubbing pad. The head is driven by a small motor and spins in a circular motion to scrub away in-ground debris and dirt and polish your floor.  Most buffers come with a solution tank that squirts a detergent into a scrubbing pad to guarantee a thorough clean. The buffers can also be used to strip the old wax coating from your hard floors.


These are sometimes called high-speed buffers or polishers. They rotate at a speed 10 times higher than buffers and polishers and are primarily used to create a ‘wet-look’ shine on your floors. Electricity, propane or batteries power burnishers.

Floor Cleaning Equipment for your home


These machines have an automated detergent dispensing system and a scrubbing head. Scrubbers are generally used for surfaces that have grease or oil and floor marks and for dust control. They will spread a detergent on your floor, scrub up the floor and then vacuum it. The scrubbers have different collection and dispensing containers to avoid making your cleaned areas dirty again. Floors cleaned with scrubbers will dry up fast since there is little water left after cleaning.


Brooms might suffice for day-to-day sweeping of your floors, but it is hardly enough. Large-scale sweepers are the ideal ones for cleaning large debris including metal shavings, paper scraps or wood chips. The floor sweeper is generally used with scrubbers and there are even some sweeper-scrubber machine combinations for an optimal clean.


These machines are used on wooden floors to level out their surface. There are different floor sanders including drum, square pad, edging and orbital sanders. The edging sanders are primarily used in hard-to-reach corners.

clean working and living environment is the primary element of disease prevention, comfort and success. The above large-scale cleaning machines make a big difference in your floors’ durability and building’s sanitation. It is, however, largely cost-inefficient to buy and maintain the machines irrespective of the size of your commercial or residential property.

Fortunately, your floors can benefit from them by hiring the best professional cleaning company available. Other than cleaning your floors, the firm will handle your janitorial work and clean your carpets, walls and windows. Before settling on a company, ensure they are equipped for your cleaning since some industries like the pharmaceutical and medical sectors require special cleaning techniques.

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