Moving As Your Home Is Actually Being Built?

If you are in the unique situation of moving house while your new home is actually being built, you know the troubles and challenges you are facing. Where do you put your things? Will they be safe? Where do you stay? How long can you store your things? All of these questions will be floating in your mind. Although it is a bit of a pain, moving while your new home is being finished or still being built, is not the end of the world. It is uncommon, but the moving industry has adapted rapidly to accommodate unique situations like yours. They’ve done this because more and more built-to-order homes are being sold. The majority of your home is built off-site and then delivered to the location or land that you have purchased.

Get the right equipment

Firstly, you are not going to be moving from one house to another. So you cannot call upon normal moving companies. They will turn up with just a truck and some workers to load stuff in, and maybe help you wrap and pack. However, they will not be handling long-term storage of your items and thus they won’t be using wrapping and packing techniques, as well as equipment, for your specific needs. You need to get the right sort of equipment which looks a little something like this.

  • Industrial tarp. Make sure it is industrial as this will be thicker; which provides better protection from rain, wind, and or critters.
  • Bubblewrap. Bubble wrapping many of your most precious items is going to retain their value as they are in storage. This might be weeks or even months, so protection from the elements and potential water damage is vital.
  • Bug and critter spray. If you are storing your items for a long time, spraying the corners of the room or the walls, with bug spray, will help keep moths and flies away from your carpets and rugs.

Use long-term movers

Long-term movers are a niche service that can only be found few and far between. Contact this kind of moving company, as they have 10×10 storage units, boxes, wrapping and other equipment, particularly for long-term storage. They will also provide you with their wrapping and packing services in this regard. Many of us have only ever wrapped up our things for a move which will last only a few hours or less. Long-term storage is very different. Over time the wrapping can loosen, the packing can give way and your things can be crushed under their own weight, etc. 

Where do you stay?

It’s best to figure out a place to stay that isn’t too far from your things and your new home. This way you can check on both, on the same day. We recommend that you find a bed and breakfast, Airbnb or perhaps, lodge with your family. You never know, you could actually move into the home as it’s being built, if the parts of the home that you normally use are already finished. 

It’s becoming common to move as your house is being built. Off-site builds are cheaper than conventional homes and simple land location purchases are more affordable. If you need long-term moving requirements, these are some of your options.

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