Moving House: Preparing Your Home For Sale

The time has come to sell your home; you’re feeling excited about the prospect of moving to somewhere new, but you’re also wondering how easy it will be to sell your current home. Then there’s the concern about how much value your old home will offer and whether you will get a fair price for the property you have lived in for the past few years. 

The good news is that while selling your home and moving to somewhere new isn’t always easy, the fact is that there are steps that you can take to make the process of selling your home a simpler and easier one. It’s just a case of knowing what you need to do to ensure that your home sells for the price you want it to.

Wondering what those steps are? Have a read of the guide below! 

Focus on curb appeal 

Did you know that people make an impression of your home within the first 15 seconds of seeing it. That means that when it comes to how people view your home, it’s important that the first glimpse of the property that people get is a good one, which is why curb appeal is so vital. Get your home’s curb appeal right and you can give yourself a much better chance of your home selling quickly and for a good price. I

It’s a good idea to call in an independent assessor to determine which areas of your home’s exterior require work. For instance, an assessor may notice that your property’s roof has aged badly and could use some work, allowing you to contact a professional service, such as Affordable Home Services, to have the roof fixed before you put the property on the market. 

Keep it neutral 

If you want to make your home a must-have property, it’s vital that you allow potential buyers to imagine themselves living there. How can you do that? It’s simple: create a neutral space. This means painting over bright, bold walls and removing any decor that’s ‘loud’ or overly bold, and swapping it with a more neutral piece. 

You are far more likely to make a sale if the people who view your home can imagine themselves living there, that’s why swapping your personal tastes for neutral tones is a smart step to take. 

Do a DIY overhaul 

Go around your home looking for any areas that need a little work; don’t make the mistake of leaving that broken pipe or cracked window unfixed. Instead, take the time to fix these little issues. 

The fact is that when walking into a property, if you notice broken or damaged things, you naturally think ‘this property isn’t well cared for’ and this can put potential buyers off. So, for this reason, it’s far better to take the time to fix any small issues around your home before you put it on the market. 

There you have it, a simple guide to how you can prepare your home for sale, and the steps that you can take to get the best price for it while also adding value.

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