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Moving in with Pet Owners: What Should You Note?

Are you moving into an area with a pet owner? Some adjustments will have to be made on your part, especially if the animal of the house has established habits. Whether it’s a cat or a dog, these lovable creatures still come with things you may have to get used to or simply find new solutions to so that everybody is happy in their home. Here are a few surefire ways to help make it easier to get used to your new furry roommate and focus on bonding instead of other issues.

  • Get a professional to remove odors

Dogs tend to pee everywhere, and cats like to spray their musk on items to take ownership of the space. This can be a lot to someone who isn’t used to having to deal with that constantly in their environment, and you can expect this behavior to increase as you are a new presence in the home.

The best way to combat this is to get some professional pet urine removal. In West Jordan, a cleaning service developed a process of elimination instead of merely using a substance. This way, the odor and stains are specifically targeted. It is done in a way that goes beyond our human perception of the spot.

Getting rid of the remnant scents discourages the pet from wanting to pee in that same spot again because it no longer has their traces. This can help you start from a purely clean slate and establish new bathroom habits with the animal.


  • Get an air purifier

Getting an air purifier with a HEPA filter can help in lessening the dander in the air that is inevitable with cats and dogs. Of course, you still need to groom the pet and clean surfaces where their fur tends to cling to ensure the best space. But having a purifier can do a lot in making it easier to avoid sniffles and any allergies brought on by allergens.

Even if you don’t have an inherent pet allergy, too much build-up of dander can still cause those allergic reactions, especially if you haven’t previously been used to that much exposure. This way, you get a clean environment where you can easily breathe in, and it doesn’t disrupt any playtime or habits that the pet has.

  • Set up a clear guideline for care

Pets need a lot of attention. Even though cats and dogs tend to be more self-sufficient than a human baby, you still can’t simply leave them to their own devices or neglect them. To avoid conflicts and confusion between you and your partner, set up guidelines on who takes care of what aspect of the pet’s life. For example, someone should clean the poop, feed, or groom the pet.

It would also be wise to have a schedule to follow, which will help you maintain your freedom while giving the pet a reliable timetable for feeding and playtime. It’s also good to find go-to pet hotels or watchers so that you have a trusted space that your pet won’t feel traumatized, in case you have a trip out of town or you can’t get home in time.

If you do all these things, living in a new home with a pet will be much more comfortable, and you’ll find that you may just have gotten a new best friend.

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