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Feeling Panicky? Tips to Overcome Anxiety Attacks

We live in an increasingly stressful world. There are stressors to deal with at every turn. It can be a demanding boss, a screaming child, or a chronic health issue. Sometimes, it can all get too overwhelming. Before you know it, your blood pressure is rising. Hiding out in a closet and wishing everything was better again is no solution, though.

As adults, it’s important to stay calm and in control of situations. Here are some tips to help you reclaim your calm and feel in control of your mood again.

Get Refreshed

Take a minute to splash cold water on your face. Drink a huge glass of ice-cold water. Maybe even take a dip in a pool. With swimming pool construction in Utah homes growing more popular, you might not even need to go far for this one.

The point is to come into contact with water as fast as you can. Water, whether taken as a drink or felt on the skin, helps to calm frayed nerves and improve moods.

Breathe In, Breathe Out

Breathing exercises work wonders to expel any negative energy in your system. It can aid in reducing anxiety and sleeping better. Try to visualize yourself breathing in peaceful, beautiful, and calming thoughts. Next, imagine releasing all negativity and toxicity with each breath you let out.

Closing your eyes and meditating helps, as well. This will help lower your blood pressure, clear your head, and put you in a better mood right away.

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Go for A Walk

Walking is a wonderful way to release built-up tension in your body and in your head. As many people are fond of saying: “Go out and get some fresh air.”

Breathing in the air outside plus feeling the sun on your skin are definite mood boosters. Walking releases endorphins or “feel good” hormones into your system. The added bonus of being around nature is also beneficial for mental health. Walking is one of the easiest ways to help trigger a positive change in your mood.

Indulge In A Healthy Snack

One of our first instincts when feeling down is to reach out for ice cream and junk food. However, common comfort food isn’t always comforting. It does little in helping achieve needed clarity when in a tight situation.

Filling up with junk food with almost no nutritional benefits can trigger emotional overeating and more anxiety. Most of these snacks are also high in sugar, thus leaving you wanting more, thus piling on the calories. Try foods that help reduce anxiety, instead, such as a banana, some nuts, or a  mug of hot (dark) chocolate.

Hug A Loved One

Hugging someone lowers heart rate and blood pressure. It gives the immune system a boost, lowers stress levels, improves sleep quality — the list goes on. Plus, the benefits are two-way. Not only do you feel good, but the person you are hugging feels better, as well.

The next time you feel an anxiety attack coming, try out any one of these tips. These tips are also great when you need a mood booster to combat everyday stress and get some peace of mind.

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