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Pandemic Design Trends: How It Has Influenced Interior Design

Like it or not, the current pandemic has influenced many of the things we know and love. From the way we live to the way we do things, COVID-19 has forced us to adapt at every turn. It’s something we’ll eventually have to live with since moving forward.

Some noticeable changes have happened in our homes since the past year. No, this is not about using different lighting fixtures in your home. This is more about how we’re now working remotely instead of going to the office, how we’re having our children go through online schooling instead of letting them go to school.

Renovations have also become popular during the pandemic because of how much time we spent in our homes. We can’t help but notice the improvements we can make. If you’ve got some free time, notice these popular design trends that COVID-19 influenced that you might have seen at your home or a friend’s place during a Zoom call.

Open Floor Plans Aren’t Popular Anymore

The COVID-19 design inspires wide, open spaces where viral droplets cannot stay for long. So why does open floor plans appear to have fallen out of favor? The answer is simple: wide-open spaces. All of that space could be reused for something else.

If you have a big house, the chances are that you’ve thought of having big kitchens that open to a family room. A popular choice nowadays would be to have something that breaks that, like a personal home office or a place where your child can study in peace.

Since the pandemic also brings unnecessary stress along with it, meditation and massage rooms have also become popular, and these spaces might be the perfect place to stow those away.

There’s No More Such Thing as a Home Office

While the home office movement appears to have received a massive boost, these are just known now as extensions of an office. The pandemic has required people to stay at home instead of travel to the office daily. Most companies have opted to let their employees continue with their remote working arrangements, turning those home offices into simply an extension of the office.

That’s why many home offices that are seen on telecommunication apps look more like corporate offices than remote work hubs. It’s because companies have seen how it’s only practical to hold remote work agreements while COVID-19 is still around.

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Décor Choices Have a Personal Touch

When you’re busy, didn’t you think that décor choices should be left to the professionals?

That’s not the same when you’ve got so much time at home thanks to the coronavirus. You might’ve noticed a particular them that would go well with your wall paint. There might also be a particular design in how you arrange your furniture.

Many people saw their homes as if for the first time when the lockdowns started. Since it’s been a year, most of the décor choices are influenced by what they’ve seen during that time and the picture they have in their minds.

Home Offices Had to be Separated in a Way

Many things have been said about how companies saw the benefits of having their employees continue their remote work arrangements. While these businesses could save on paying rental fees for their office, their employees can also log-in on time and have more productivity since they’re basically working in a relaxed state.

But home offices have also bought the feeling of the office into the home. This is why people are starting to make spaces where they can still escape the feeling of the office following them. It’s one of the trends that COVID-19 has bought home.

The Home has Become a Hub

Things have started to come home—literally. Work, shopping, and food deliveries have become popular because they cannot be done the same way people do them. Even businesses can be run from home; that’s why these interior design choices have become popular.

Home is literally where everything is now. People are starting to invest more in their homes because of the many things they can do. It makes having a spacious home even more popular nowadays.

COVID-19 is here to stay, and people have started to recognize that fact. It’s seen in their choices on where to get their groceries or how to proceed with work. More importantly, their choices in improving their homes have been impacted for good by the coronavirus situation. People need to adapt both in their personal and professional lives to make things work in these trying times.

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