Refurbish Your House into a Grecian Hideaway

Bleached walls, delicate drapes, and shades of blue. Nothing is more soothing than the Mediterranean aesthetic.

If you want this holiday-like touch to your home, maybe it’s time to take your traditional interior out the backdoor and incorporate a Grecian touch to your living quarters.

Striking a balance between an immaculate aesthetic and functional design, a Greek-themed interior is the best option for you. So, if you want to infuse Mediterranean flavors in your home, you only have to consider these six elements:

Holiday Hues

Pristine white walls are the trademark of any Greek interior. Aside from the touch of elegance they bring to the table, bleached walls will make your house feel cool and breezy. You won’t feel the hot temperature, especially during the summertime.

Keeping your walls unadorned is also part of the Mediterranean style. So, instead of hanging ornaments on your immaculate walls, add light fixtures to enhance the overall aesthetic of your place. Wall lighting does not only add drama to your living area, but it also provides function as these handy fixtures can keep your home looking vibrant even when the sun is down.

You can also add texture to your walls the Grecian way by installing stone walls. Stone walls are evocative of Greek culture and capture that island vacation vibe at the same time. Not only are they visually appealing, but they are also quite useful as they have an indoor cooling effect. This makes lounging in your house—even in the afternoons—sound inviting. Areas near the window or the kitchen are ideal places to put your stone walls.

Of course, it wouldn’t be a Grecian interior without accents of blue around the house. Paint your windows and door frames with cyan blue to give that much-needed contrast. Your outdoor areas should also be part of your Grecian makeover, so don’t forget to give your custom carport bursts of blue here and there.

Luxurious Flooring

Remember that Grecian interior isn’t big on overwhelming elements, so opt for a natural-looking flooring such as limestone or marble. You can go for limestone if you prefer a rugged yet elegant ambiance while you can pick marble if you want a softened and upscale touch. Stone flooring perfectly fits the motif of your house as it achieves the ambiance of luxury and simplicity.

Meanwhile, choose rugs and carpets that are textured and subtle. Make sure it doesn’t overpower the color of the walls and flooring. You want to highlight your elegant flooring, so choose only certain areas to cover up with rugs.


Refined Furniture

Greek interiors don’t house a lot of furniture pieces. Furniture elements are thinly distributed throughout the house to maintain a less cluttered look.

Meanwhile, the colors and shapes of Greek-style furniture are softened and refined. The bed frames, for example, adopt simple designs with plain or subdued colors. Meanwhile, couches usually sport textured fabric in white or neutral colors.

Aside from that, Greek-inspired homes embrace practical yet elegant furniture additions like stools, chairs, and coffee tables mostly made out of wood.

Heavenly Drapes

Delicate drapes make your interior look divine. Choose thin and light-colored curtains as it gives a soft and airy atmosphere to the entire space. Drapes will surely make your home look more relaxing, especially in the summer. Aside from that, adding fabrics on your windows also adds texture to your bare Grecian walls.

Natural-Looking Elements

Greek aesthetic is all about the antique-looking jars. Outline your floor with different terracotta jars in white and brown colors. You can also add ceramic and clay jars on top of your tables for a Mediterranean touch. These elements will surely make your space more authentic as it somehow captures the culture of the Greeks.

You can also spruce up the place by adding natural decors such as tall potted plants that are reminiscent of an island vacation. Make sure to use pots from woven materials or clay as they give that natural pop of color to the place.

As for the throw pillows and table covers, you can use patterns and vibrant colors to contrast the furniture and walls. You can experiment with shapes and textures when it comes to these furnishings. Add a variety to textures by playing with linen, silk, wool, and fur.

Greek Columns

There is nothing more Grecian than elegant columns around your house. How do you incorporate these pieces into your interior? You can look for midsize and table-like columns in chalk white or beige colors.

Greek interior is all about utility and practicality, so these aren’t only decorative elements to your interior. Columns can also serve as tables or decoration holders for your ornaments, perfectly blending with other elements in your house.

Indeed, Greek-inspired interior design provides equal levels of comfort, luxury, and practicality to your house. If you feel this kind of design appeals to your taste, then go for it.

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