Simple DIY Home Maintenance Ideas You Should Know

Your home is likely the most significant investment you will make in a lifetime, and like any investment, it should be kept well to increase in value over time. This is why taking the time to ensure that your home is in top-shape is vital. Statistics over the years have shown that the average American spends about  $92 per month on home maintenance culminating in $1,105 a year. Fortunately, there are some home repairs you can do on your own to save money. So, before you go ahead to pay for repairs around the home, here are a few you can do on your own.

1. Unclog your drain 

Although a bottle of a good drain cleaner may be enough to remove the clog in your tub or sink, it’s necessary to learn how to do this manually.  Using a drain cleaner is simple and easy, but the DIY approach has proven more effective since the former leads to wear and tear in older pipes. Drain cleaners increase the risk of lines developing leakages after frequent usage. Luckily, a barbed drain snake can loosen the clog in no time. Even if that fails, a couple of pushes using a drain plunger will remove materials clogging your drains. 

2. Home painting

It is easier and cheaper to paint your walls like a pro, than it is to hire a painter. Painting is a task you can learn in no time. However, before you start painting, lint roll your paint roller to avoid streaking. Use a painter’s tape for neatness by applying it to the edges of the painting areas. Paint using a V-shaped design and a small brush to reach corners. Be sure to wait for your first coat of paint to dry before applying another.

3. Repair a leaking toilet 

The average US household spends $103 a year to slow water leakages. Stop flushing your cash down the toilet. Repairing your leaking toilet is easy and wouldn’t take long! Begin by ensuring the chain attached to the flush device is not tangled; if it is, you can straighten or replace it. Afterward, check if the rubber flapper that keeps water in the container isn’t damaged. It shouldn’t cost you much to purchase a new one. 

4. Mold removal 

The presence of mold in your home is a considerable health concern. Outside your home, mold can be useful to the ecosystem. However, it is the last thing you want indoors. Besides causing damage to your home, mold can trigger irritations to your nose, eye, throat, and lungs. They can be found in the basement, kitchen, and toilets since they require moisture and humidity to grow. With the right cleaning agent, bleach, water, and protective gloves, you can brush them off surfaces. Extensive mold growth may prove hard to reach, so the best approach is to hire the services of a mold removal company

5. Get your gutters cleaned 

Clogged gutters don’t just reduce your home’s appeal but creates room for mice and other pests to nest. Therefore, it is essential to get the gutters cleaned up before you got pest infestation, which can be expensive to eliminate. With a spotter, ladder, and gloves, you can remove those leaves threatening to ruin the exterior feature of your home.

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