Sinusitis? Invisible Triggers At Home

Are you looking forward to a relaxing evening at home? Some days, there is nothing more appealing than the idea of staying at home and watching your favorite TV show on Netflix. We all have days where we simply need to chill. So, here you are, comfortably lounging on the sofa with a big bowl of homemade buttery popcorn and a large mug of hot cocoa. But someone, you have to abandon all dreams of relaxing because you can’t get rid of a headache that’s been following you all day. It doesn’t even respond to painkillers! 

Here’s a little tip to help you identify one of the most common types of headache. Run your fingers from your cheekbones toward your nose in a straight line. Does it feel sore? Then your headache is linked to your sinuses. The good news is that you can quickly fix sinusitis triggers at home. Here’s how: 

Increased humidity levels

The typical sinus-friendly interior should maintain moisture in the air between 30% and 40%. If the air is too humid, you may start noticing mold patches and unpleasant musty smells. However, in a well-ventilated home, it can be tricky to spot mold issues. They can hide in a tiny area of your home, away from direct sight. The most common culprit is the under roof area. Expert roof repair services typically notice small mold patches in the areas affected by water infiltration. It can be enough to lead to mold spores. Spores can circulate throughout your home even though you may not see where they come from. Their presence irritates your sinuses, which will cause infection and sinusitis in the long term. 

A furry friend

Have you adopted a pet during the pandemic? Dogs and friends are amazing companions! However, you need to adjust your home maintenance routine to make sure you can groom your pet regularly. You need to brush your pet frequently to keep their fur healthy and reduce the presence of dust inside your home. If you have carpeted floors, it’s a good idea to upgrade your vacuum cleaner and even consider professional cleaning, as per A pet-friendly model will ensure you can get rid of the fur embedded in the carpet fibers. Ultimately, there’s no secret. Excess pet hair and skin cells create dust, which in turn can cause sinus irritation if you don’t use the appropriate cleaning tools! 

Dry air

You can have too much a good thing. Too much humidity is bad for your health and affects your sinuses. But, the opposite is true as well. Dry air is going to cause sinus inflammation, lead to a sensation of stuffiness, and the typical sinus headache. Where does dry air come from inside your home? Dry air is more frequent during the colder months when your home is more likely to be over-heated. Dry air changes your perception of temperature, making the room feel colder than it actually is. In other words, when you overheat, you can be stuck in a cycle of overheating to compensate for the temperature perception. But it can also occur in a dry climate in summer, especially if your A/C unit filters moisture out. 

Can your home cause chronic sinusitis? The bad news is that your home may be the cause of your sinus infection. However, the good news is that you can control the environment inside your home and remove the top 3 invisible triggers. In short, your relaxing evening in front of the TV isn’t an impossible dream after all!

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