Stylize Your New Home with a Secure, Energy Efficient and Contemporary Cavity Sliding Door

Selecting the right door takes more than awareness of current styles and best timber species in Australia. You can stop worrying about the limited space if you choose the right door, and while you are at it, find the best metal door jamb. If you are also concerned about security and aesthetics, perhaps we can interest you on cavity sliding door systems.

A cavity slider for your new project

Some doors have frames inside the walls. If you have heard of horror stories about poor quality cavity sliders that are stuck or shake about unsteadily, do not fret. You should not have these problems if the door is installed correctly and better yet if it is made to order. Roller guides are part of the installation, and when they are in the right position, the door will roll smoothly when you open and close it. The door moves on rails and glides open without a hitch with a gentle push. Best of all, the glass panes maximise natural light, which gives your home a bright interior throughout the day.

A favourite among architects

Sliding door

Many architects favour cavity sliding doors these days because of their utility and space saving benefits. Contemporary condominiums are designed with limited space, but traditional hinge doors often do not have a place in modern blueprints. Since the frames are inside the walls and swing space is not a requirement, cavity sliders are perfect for small rooms

If you look at catalogues, you will see doors of varied sizes. Since the door is meant to save up on space, there is no room a cavity slider will not fit.

A vote of confidence for cavity sliders

Sliding doors are the best kind of door to install if you want no trouble at all with the flow of people going indoors and outdoors. This is an obvious advantage, but there is much more to be said about cavity doors. Also, there are some ways to ensure optimal thermal insulation for a sliding door. Additional attachments such as composite gaskets can make the perfect seal on your cavity door and keep you warm all winter. Cavity doors promote energy efficiency, and this can be assured further with the right glazing, which also lowers condensation and frost on the glass.

The doors may look flimsy on the page of a catalogue, but if the design includes strengthened safety glass, then you get something that is shatterproof and strong enough to ward off burglars. Security is still an issue, but the right seal and locking mechanism should keep it stable and prevent the door from being lifted out. Your home is your sanctuary, and you can be assured your loved ones are adequately protected.

Choosing a door should not be so complicated. You don’t have to stick to a traditional door if the available space is limited. Cavity sliders can be a great asset, and elegant styling harmonises easily with some architectural themes. It is s practical and simple choice that can be a great asset to your home.

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