The Advanced Guide to Threshold Ramps and Disability

Mobility and keeping mobile is something we take for granted, but what happens to you when this is curtailed, and you need to find new solutions to get from A to B via a threshold ramp.

Just because you are disabled or limited physically, that should never stop you from being free and independent. Most businesses and properties support people needing wheelchair access with ramps to access the building. 

Disability Rights

The rights of disabled people are not always known or understood by the greater general populous. Here are some of the most fundamental rights you should know:

  •  A disabled person should have the right to respect and human dignity.
  • A disabled person should have the right to be protected against exploitation, discrimination, and abuse.
  • A disabled person should have the right to qualified legal aid.
  • A disabled person has the right to consult any organisation to seek advice regarding matters concerning a disability.

Everybody has rights, and this should not be any different whether you are disabled or non-disabled.

Finding Your Voice

When you are trying to fight your corner and raising awareness, finding allies is an excellent place to start. For many disabled people worldwide, this is not the case, and it’s quite common for you to feel marginalised or misunderstood.

But how do you do this without sounding like a stuck record or just another angry disabled person having a random rant?

Some places and people are now opening up to offer platforms and a palace to be heard. You can learn more here.

Being Accessible to Change 

As the world moves forward, barriers will hopefully start to fall, making for a more inclusive society where all people will be equal in terms of rights, regardless of ability physicality, mental well-being, or emotional stability, diversity, race, or colour.

Everyone should be able to access all of life’s joys and pleasures, easily and readily, moving the human race forward one step at a time.

Keeping Focused

How can we relate this to day to day living, in our homes, places of work, and our work lives?

You can do this by starting to make changes to how you think, perceive, and act daily. For example – You can set your alarm an hour earlier, factor in 5-15 minutes of meditation, check in on yourself, and give yourself loving care before you even step out to deal with the kids, family, or pets. Start by putting you first and foremost, call it your golden moment, and enjoy some quality time for just you. Then you can get on with the day ahead and whatever life decides to throw at you, armed and able to think clearly and act from the heart, with no regrets and energetically connecting with all human life.

In this ever-changing landscape across the globe during the Coronavirus Pandemic, we will all have to wait to see how this will accelerate us towards a society ready to embrace change without boundaries and differences.

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