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The Green Appliances Guide

Contractors and builders are now incorporating green architecture into homes and buildings. If you are working towards making your home more eco-friendly, you should also consider choosing eco-friendly, green appliances.

The increase in environmental awareness all over the world has led to manufacturers coming up with energy-efficient and environment-friendly appliances. These appliances and devices help in the fight against climate change by conserving as much energy and water as possible with every use.

What are green appliances?

The term “ green appliance” is coined for appliances and devices that are energy-efficient, especially those that have an Energy Star rating. The more efficient it is, the less water and energy it consumes.

Why are they important to the environment?

In light of the fight against climate change, green appliances have less impact on the environment. They require lower energy to make them run and work properly. For instance, a refrigerator built today runs on 75% less energy compared to one made from a decade ago.

It also helps establish you not just as a customer, but as a consumer as well. Meaning, you are more aware of the amount of water and energy you consume. You are doing something about it directly by improving the way you use appliances and indirectly by using green appliances.

The proper use of appliances can help consume less energy. For example, if you use a dishwasher, scrape off your plates before washing them and leaving the rinse cycle off. Making this a habit could lead to about 20 gallons of water saved per wash.

Proper handling and maintenance are also important. Although there are a lot of centers that offer appliance repair service in Salt Lake City, Memphis, or wherever you are in the country, proper care and maintenance will help reduce carbon footprint and keep your appliance in good working condition for a longer time.

What are its other benefits?

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The two obvious benefits of green appliances are less environmental impact and more savings for you. However, the main emphasis is more on the positive impact it has on the environment:

  • Lowered energy consumption. If you live in the U.S., chances are you are using fossil fuel for your energy source. The lesser the amount of fossil fuel burned, the better the environment is.

  • Decreased water usage. Clean potable water is a finite source. A person who uses water responsibly and minimizes wasteful use helps contribute to prolonging the water reserves we have on the planet.

  • Lesser dependency on electricity. Having your own means of generating gas to power certain appliances means you can create your own energy supply. This lessens the need for electricity which is generated in power plants. Compared to the fuel burned in power plants, natural gas burns cleaner.

How do I look for one?

Here are some easy ways to “find” green appliances:

  • Look for the Energy Star ® Label. The National Resource Defense Council highly recommends looking for this label when buying appliances because those that bear this sticker means they exceed the energy efficiency requirements set by the government.

  • Look for the EnergyGuide Label. This label is used to compare appliances to each other and see how they do against one another as far as energy consumption is concerned.

  • Think about the size in contrast to space. Buy appliances that are appropriate for the space it will be used for.

Caring for the environment starts at home. If you want to join in the fight against climate change, there’s no better place to start than your own home.

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