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Top Kitchen Remodeling Misconceptions, Debunked

The kitchen has evolved from the tiny meal factory it used to be into a social place that every home meets up in and spends time at preparing meals, eating them or simply catching up. The changes in application have triggered a huge shift in interior design that has still left many homeowners confused on what adds value and what doesn’t.

While a good kitchen remodeling contractor in Utah will help you make the right choices that will improve your home’s value, knowing the most common myths will ensure that you get the best out of your investment. All remodels must be practical, functional and welcoming.

Here are some myths that are to the contrary yet so many homeowners still follow them religiously.

Myth #1: Looks come before functionality.

Many people doing kitchen remodels focus on the looks rather than looking at how useful the changes will be. For instance, skimping on storage cabinets in favor of more open space might make your kitchen look better, but it won’t be as practical as a kitchen with sufficient cabinets.

Always focus on making your kitchen practical before factoring in the looks. A good designer or design software will help you get the best out of your kitchen space and remodeling project.

Myth 2: You don’t really need a designer.

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Most homeowners believe that all you need for a successful kitchen remodel is a building contractor. While such a contractor will handle most of the physical work, you still need a designer to ensure that your kitchen takes the perfect look and functionality.

Most contractors will have a designer on the team. Asking for a computer-aided design or a render of what the kitchen will look like is a great way to check if your remodel will be great looking and practical.

Myth #3: You can only go big or go home.

Everyone wants the best in life. We all want to own the most lavish kitchen and amaze anyone who walks into it. This is a notion that we tend to carry with us when going into the remodeling project.

Think of a remodel as an investment. You want to get maximum ROI from the investment regardless of whether you are selling or just want a better home. Going big will most probably cost you a lot of money.

However, chances are buyers won’t pay as much for your remodels, especially if you could have got the same functionality for less money. Moreover, most buyers will be interested in your kitchen’s state of repair and functionality as opposed to being wowed by your innovative kitchen décor.

The kitchen is an extremely practical place. People need space to work, hang out and store all useful items without making it look cramped. This means that all your remodeling efforts should have this in mind. Don’t let any of the above myths derail you.

Taking the time to evaluate all your remodeling decisions and running them through your family and if possible, a remodeling professional will ensure that at the end of the day, you get the perfect installation for your home.

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