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Types of Screens for Outdoor Fireplaces

In the past, outdoor spaces were largely neglected. Nowadays, however, most entertainment happens outdoors. Moreover, more families are focused on optimizing their outdoor area for relaxation and getting in touch with nature. With this trend, various elements have been integrated into outdoor spaces. One of the essential ones for those looking for a relaxing atmosphere is an outdoor fireplace.

In a fireplace store in Salt Lake City, you will come across different accessories for your outdoor fireplace. One of these is the fireplace screen. This not only provides a vital safety barrier for your property; it is also a design element that will transform the look of your fireplace. Here are the fireplace screen options that might suffice for your property:

Bowed Fireplace Screens

These give a three-dimensional appearance to your fireplace and optimal protection from the sparks that your fire might generate. Bowed fireplaces come with integrated handles that allow you to detach them when loading your fire quickly. Since they are bowed, you do not have to invest in a platform for their placement since they can stand on their own.

Single-panel Screens

These are easy to use, inexpensive, and have a smooth look. Some single panel screens have adjustable rear legs that allow you to push them to sit flush against your fireplace’s opening and give you a complete opening coverage. They also come with handles for their easy removal for the feeding of your fire. Some single panel screens have doors that negate the need to remove them to feed your fire since you only need to open the doors to add firewood.

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Folding Fireplace Screens

These will allow a three-dimensional look for your fireplace and ease the loading and unloading of your furnace. You will not need to move your screen so that you can add wood but only need to fold it to one side. Moreover, these screens can be folded and stored easily when your fireplace is not in use. Large folding fireplace screens can, however, be challenging to fold up and hence come with handles to make the process easy.

Spark Guard Screens

These are an inexpensive and easy alternative for the protection of your hearth and floor from the sparks of your fire. The spark guards on these screens allow the close fit of the screen on your fireplace and will last for years. The handles that move spark guard screens will be attached to the frame rather than the screen for additional support.

The fire in your outdoor space will not just keep you warm in cold nights but also provide lighting and a central design element. The given screens will prevent it from becoming a safety hazard on your property. Most of these screens are made of steel and iron meshes. This makes them able to withstand the high temperatures of your fire. The best fireplace screen need not be the most or least expensive available on the market. You should first ask an expert to assess your fireplace and recommend the ideal option for it.

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