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Extreme Heat and its Effect on Human Body

The arrival of summer is always bad news to many people because even temperatures indoors start to rise. While occupants who are as fit as a fiddle can also experience significant discomfort, the effect is greater on the most vulnerable users. Virtually everyone endures the most of intense heat, which can be either humid or dry.

Many people in Modesto have suffered from both varieties, making it hard to diagnose one solution for all. Without much doubt, climate change is a big factor in the overheating problem and humankind can only prepare for tough conditions over the next century or so.

Fortunately, there is so much a person can do to keep the heat at bay, starting with appropriate building design. However, designs and other mitigating approaches can only be completely relevant if the effects of extreme heat on building occupants are identified.

What is overheating?

In relation to buildings, overheating is the description of a situation that creates discomfort to occupants. While high temperatures are the major causes of this kind of stress, there is more to overheating.

Heat discomfort is normally caused by extended periods of temperatures above the optimum. During heat waves, the chances of overheating are high even in newer homes. Before we look at a few issues contributing to overheating, here are some effects associated with the issue:

Varying Risks of Intense Heat

The most vulnerable group is young kids and toddlers. Although the signs may be different from those in adults, this group exhibit discomfort from early on. Apart from hydrating toddlers and younger children, you want to observe them for specific signs, such as drier skin, floppiness, and refusal to drink.

Older children are also at risk of heat stress because they tend to be more active and lose fluid faster than adults. In times of heat waves, take care of this group by limiting activity and drinking fluids.

Pregnant women and the aged are easily affected by elevated temperatures, the latter being particularly at risk because they tend to lead solitary lives, take medications, and suffer from ailments. People with existing diseases regardless of age can also suffer.

Overheating a Growing Concern

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Climatic change has many people concerned, even those performing AC repair in Modesto. Average summer figures continue to indicate slow, but surely increases in local and global temperatures. With this climatic change, air conditioning will become a focus for more people. This is important because first, people are living longer in many places.

Alongside social trends, such as working from home and living in cities, this means that air conditioning quality must improve. One could offer new homes as a solution, but studies have revealed that airtight building envelopes can promote overheating. The unpredictability of climate change means that even better insulation today may not be sufficient in the future.

Focus Areas

Overheating in homes emanates from several reasons, home design being one of them. External heat gains and internal heat gains have been identified as problems that designers of modern homes must address. The layout and type of a construction is also drawing attention.

Handling excess heat is a matter of handling the planning stage of construction properly. While many measures are significant in terms of financial input, you can implement low-cost interventions that make heat spells a little bit bearable.

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