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Ways Builders Consider Comfort when Building a Home

Any architect knows that building just for the sake of building is irresponsible. You have to consider the comfort of the people who will use the space. It’s the main reason homes have roofs and gutters, to ensure that the integrity of the structure is not easily compromised and the family living in it will be safe.

You may think comfort comes into play after the structure has already been built, but that’s where you’re wrong. Comfort should be considered in the following:


You can dump cement onto earth and call it the flooring, but the uneven and porous surface may be prone to accidents and corrosion. This makes epoxy concrete coating an essential part of building anywhere in Salt Lake City, and it’s not just for industrial spaces either. It protects the floor from liquid substances that might compromise the material. The floor withstands plenty of foot traffic in its lifespan, and that lifespan will be significantly shorter if you skip the epoxy coating.

Another way to consider comfort related to flooring is the addition of carpets after the build, for added temperature control. The actual laying out of the carpet comes later, but your choice of flooring already dictates whether you will go with carpeting or not. When you choose flooring that is expensive, you would not want to cover it with a carpet.


Window placement around the house is not just an aesthetic decision. You’ll also want to consider where they are positioned in terms of sun exposure. You want natural afternoon light to filter in, but you do not want your house to warm up because of sunlight at noon. You may argue that curtains and blinds can easily block sunlight, but there’s still the heat they bring. In summer, this means your air conditioning system will be working overtime in the warmest time of the day just to keep the temperature comfortable.

The type of window also impacts comfort. You’ll want windows that allow sunlight without letting in heat or cold. This means finding windows that have a protective coating and can be sealed shut as well.

Room Sizes

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Room sizes are the easiest to connect to comfort, as more space means more room for movement and ample storage for your items. This, however, doesn’t mean a small house cannot be comfortable. A room will be comfortable regardless of size if you add furniture that is not too big or too small for the area. You’ll also need ample heating and cooling so that no matter the outside temperature, you can rest comfortably in the room.

For rooms where you will need to entertain guests, their comfort should already be considered. There should be ample seating space, at the very least. You may want to envision the room before deciding on its size, or you may decide the size before setting out to buy the furniture to furnish it with. Either way, you are considering comfort even before the room is finished.

It doesn’t take an expert to realize the home you’re building should be livable. If it’s not, then it might as well be empty.

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