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Why Rent Furniture and Appliances?

Rental products for homes are in great demand. They benefit people who are often moving, on a short-term rental, or do not want the trouble or expense of buying furniture outright. They rent because it’s cheaper than buying each item of furniture or appliances for their new apartments.

Also, renting provides consumers several options. Companies offering household furniture, appliances, electronics and gym equipment like RentaCentre give short-term and long-term rental services.

So why should you rent furniture and appliances?

1. Renting furniture and appliances is convenient and easy

When you’re moving into a new house, apartment, or dorm room or if you want to try something new before purchasing, renting furniture and appliances is a great option. It’s also convenient when you’re moving out of an apartment or home; you just return the rented items instead of packing and shipping them to your new address.

Rental companies can help you rent the furniture and appliances you need for any situation. They have thousands of products available, everything from couches to stoves, and they ship them right to your door. The best services will also set them up for you.

2. You save money — and the environment

Furniture rental is not just an economical way to live well while you’re still in college or just starting in a new job in a new city. It’s also an important step toward reducing your environmental impact.

Consider how 12.1 million tons of sofas, tables, chairs and mattresses were thrown in landfills in 2018 alone. The waste generated by furniture is worrying enough; add the waste from discarded major and small appliances, carpets and rugs, and you can imagine the damage these wastes will do.

3. You don’t have to repair or replace items.

Renting furniture and appliances is an excellent option and can restore your life without worrying about repairing or replacing damaged items. For example, if something wrong happens with the furniture you rented, you could quickly call the rental company, and they will get the item replaced or repaired.

4. Maintenance costs are included

Products from rental companies are always in good condition and ready to be used at home or in the office. They also offer maintenance services for all the products, so you can relax and enjoy your new items without worrying about maintenance costs or repairs. You avoid long-term costs and ensure you have everything you need without committing to buying.

When you rent from a rental company, you’ll be able to find what you need at a fraction of the cost. The inventory of most rental companies ranges from office chairs and desks to televisions and mattresses. The best ones provide white-gloved services when delivering and setting up your rented furniture.

5. You have more buying power

You have more buying power when sprucing up or modernizing your living space. You’re not tied to one store or brand when renting items. You can shop for the best deals, which means you’ll likely get a better price than if you bought the items outright.

6. There’s no worry about changeover fees

With renting, there’s no need to worry about paying extra when changing your rental items for something new. Instead, when your lease is up, return the old items and pick up any new ones that fit your needs.

What Can You Rent for Your Home?

living room

You can afford to get some of the best-designed furniture for rent. The latest models can be costly if you are buying. However, renting can save you a lot of money. You can get beds, lounges, dining, bedroom furniture, and home office options. From single beds to king size, there are several options. In addition, you can check out bed frames, side tables, wardrobes, etc. The wide range of choices will likely cater for every need.


The appliances segment will let you choose from fridges, freezers, washing machines, dryers, dishwashers, microwaves, vacuum cleaners, kitchen extras, laundry extras, heaters, etc. You can hire any of these with utmost flexibility. You will get to choose from the leading brands through a hassle-free process.


The electronics list stretches from TV, iI-Fi, and DVD players to the radio. Since technology is constantly changing, renting can be a great option to stay updated with the latest launches. The electronics offer cost-effective solutions, and the application process is highly convenient.

Gym Equipment

Did you know you can rent a treadmill and exercise bike? Yes, it is possible with the rental services. People who wish to work out in the comfort of their homes can rent gym equipment at affordable rates. Forget spending on expensive gym machines.

Stylish and Sustainable Living on a Budget

When your lifestyle isn’t quite established yet and you’re moving from one place to another, renting furniture is an economical way to fill up and decorate your temporary home.

You can be as sparse or as maximalist as you like. You can upgrade your living space in a few months without worrying about the cost. You can up and move without the inconvenience of packing and shipping bulky furniture.

With furniture rental, you also participate in a flexible arrangement that reduces your environmental impact. When you don’t need the sofa, tables or chairs, just return them instead of throwing them in landfills or spend time trying to resell them.

So the next time you’re in a shopping mall or online looking at furniture, rethink your purchasing decision. And consider the benefits of renting home products.

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