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Keep Your Costs Down When Moving Home

Everyone knows that moving home is one of the most expensive things that we can do. Indeed, it’s not just the money we will need for a new home that we need to worry about, but the increase in rent or mortgage, the attorney fees, and all the other associated costs. The good news is there are some tactics we can use to keep the costs as low as possible when moving home. Read on to find out what they are. 

Declutter before you move 

First of all, do remember that it’s a massive waste of time and money to take items from your old home that you no longer want and will end up throwing away. 

Happily, if you begin decluttering your possessions well before you move you can save here. A good rule of thumb to act on is that if you haven’t used an item in the last 6 months, and you don’t have a specific intention for it for the next 6 months, it is best to donate it, recycle it, or if all other options are exhausted, throw it away. 

Although, if you are looking to save money on your move, your first course of action should always be to sell anything over $20s. You can collect a decent amount of money by selling items you are no longer using, which can be used to offset some of your moving costs. 

Compare removal firm costs 

Another important tactic to keep your costs down when moving is to get multiple quotes from removal companies and compare them. Of course, when pricing up moving and storage firms you will need to look for those that offer honest quotes with no hidden fees. Otherwise, you could end up with some unexpected expenses that will drain your budget. 

Get your DIY sorted before moving day 

New house DIY (or at least the parts that are essential to your day-to-day life) should be done before you move if you want to save money. Indeed, if you don’t make sure your property is livable before you move, then you could end up paying out for things like laundry services, take-out, and space heaters until things get fixed. 

Also if you get DIY sorted before you move, you will have time to book in the appropriate contractor, and so secure the best price. However, if you are already resident in the property, then you will need things done ASAP, which means they can add a premium for energy work. 

Pack meals and snacks 

Last of all, if you want to save money when moving home you can do so by preparing and freezing meals for the coming week. Then even if you are surrounded by boxes and exhausted from unpacking you will still have a healthy, and cost-effective meal on hand. Something that can help you steer clear of expensive takeaways! 

Indeed, you can save further by packing a lunch and snacks for the moving day. A time when you will want plenty of breaks for refreshments to keep your energy up. Then you won’t have to order out, or buy stuff in and so will make sure that you don’t eat into your budget any further.

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